Nutrition Coach Busts 'Salty' Myth Fitness Influencers Keep Promoting

"The top source of salt in Western diets is now bread and rolls and other processed foods."

We all know foodies are ‘the worst.’ But there’s something even more irritating than someone turning the table next to you into a flashing mis en scene; someone unqualified giving nutrition advice.

Often this takes the form of a fitness blogger or influencer, castigating you for something criminal like using too much salt.

The trend of people listening to low carb gurus instead of science has already been reported on at length. What’s interesting today is a revelation made by nutrition coach Max Lugavere, who recently took to Instagram to share an insight we can all learn from.

Lugavere suggests one of your guiltiest food habits may not be as bad as you think, as well as explaining why some of the so-called benign elements of your diet may be leading you further astray than anticipated.


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“Turns out, sodium (which is what salt basically is) is incredibly important for health and wellbeing. It’s a macromineral, just like potassium and magnesium—meaning we need a lot of it, relatively speaking, to thrive!” Lugavere wrote.

“Unfortunately, salt has become demonized by everyone from the media to mainstream medicine. But the salt we are told to cut is often that which we add to our own home cooked meals to make them delicious! What a shame, considering the top source of salt in Western diets is now bread and rolls and other processed foods.”

“In fact, 11 percent (!!) of the salt in the modern diet cones from food you prepare at home. 11! The rest is from processed foods and restaurants,” Lugavere concludes.

Food for thought indeed.

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