These Creatine-Rich Foods Could Be Your Ticket To Getting Huge… Without Supplements


These Creatine-Rich Foods Could Be Your Ticket To Getting Huge… Without Supplements

You don’t get to be the number one supplement for gym-goers worldwide without being highly effective. On that note, it’s no surprise that creatine has been packaged and powdered all around the globe, consumed by expert bodybuilders and budding newbies alike.

But while creatine supplements boast many benefits, as New York Times bestselling author and health-science journalist Max Lugavere recently exposed, if you eat the right foods you can reap them naturally (and in many cases, more cost-effectively).

“Creatine is a natural compound,” he explained in a recent Instagram post, “Naturally produced in our bodies but in small amounts. It is also produced naturally in other animals, and we absorb that creatine when we eat them.”

Hence his hesitancy to promote a vegan diet.

“While it is most commonly known for its ability to enhance muscle strength, creatine is also very important for brain health as an energy substrate,” Max said, going on to cite a supporting study, in which creatine supplements were found to improve the memories of vegans but not omnivores (suggesting the omnivores already had enough creatine in their diet).

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But enough about memory: if you just want to get ripped, here’s what you need to know about creatine.

  • Randomised controlled trials show it might boost your metabolic health.
  • It can increase muscle mass, strength and exercise performance (Healthline).
  • It is one of the world’s most tested compounds.

Here’s how you can get it naturally.

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For those on a budget, it’s hard to go past canned tuna and fresh cod, while for the high rollers of the world: you now have an excuse to indulge in a tasty sirloin grill-up.

Happy days—just remember that if you suspect you are over (or under) consuming creatine, protein or any other supplement, the best course of action is to consult a qualified nutritionist for a reliable diagnosis and personalized plan of action.

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