‘Uncomfortable’ Usher Moment At Salt Bae’s Restaurant Suggests Celebrities Don’t Cook Often


Image Credit: @nusr_et

A video has emerged of Usher eating at Salt Bae’s restaurant looking mildly awkward (we reckon) when asked to cut up his own steak.

So far, Salt Bae has 15 restaurants in total: four in Turkey, two in the United Arab Emirates, five in the United States and one each in Greece, the United Kingdom, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. 

We don’t know for sure which restaurant Usher was in, but judging by his latest Instagram stories, it was one of his American ones.

To us, it looked like Usher hasn’t cut up his own steak for a while. In Usher’s defence, however, even if you cook your own dinner every night, going to Salt Bae’s restaurant and being asked to chop up a Tomahawk is probably an intimidating experience (not to mention: it’s probably a bit cynical to assume celebrities never prepare their own meals).

“You’re going to teach me?” Usher asks Salt Bae at the start of the video, before going through the motions that Salt Bae usually does, waving the knives in the air and cutting up the steak and then springing it with salt.

As one Instagram user pointed out: “That’s like going to a restaurant and cook[ing] your own food.”

Food for thought indeed.

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