Meet Francis Bourgeois, The British Trainspotting TikTok Star’s Age, Height, Net Worth Explained

Everything you need to know about one of the UK's finest exports.

Meet Francis Bourgeois, The British Trainspotting TikTok Star’s Age, Height, Net Worth Explained

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The global COVID-19 pandemic forced many of us to either take up new hobbies or start uploading videos to social media to relieve our boredom, but Francis Bourgeois is one social media personality who stands out beyond the rest.

But who is Francis Bourgeois and how did he become famous? We plan to answer both these questions and more below.

Francis Bourgeois Quick Facts

Name:Luke Nicholson (social media name: Francis Bourgeois)
DoB:July 8th 2000
Height:6ft 3in / 190.5cm
Net Worth:>$20,000
Instagram:@francis_bourgeois43 – 1.6m followers
TikTok:@francis.bourgeois – 2.7m followers

Who Is Francis Bourgeois?

Francis Bourgeois is the social media moniker of Luke Nicholson, a 22-year-old student born in Harlseden, West London on July 8th, 2000. Francis Bourgeois became popular during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic both in his native United Kingdom and around the world for his series of videos posted to TikTok showing him trainspotting.

His enthusiasm towards trains and unique sense of humour have earned him legions of fans and sponsorship deals.

He started trainspotting at an early age, but he quickly became bullied and teased for his hobby.

Francis moved to Frome, Somerset when he was 7 years old. Upon enrolling in secondary school, he hid his passion for trains to fit in with his peers. He admits in a TikTok video that he sold his model train set to help fund a gym membership and even chose to style his hair with gel.

He is currently enrolled at the University of Nottingham, where he is studying Engineering.

Unfortunately for you ladies, Francis Bourgeois has a girlfriend. He is currently dating Amy Linkin, who is also a student. Not much else is known about Amy, but she occasionally features in Francis’ videos.

In his later years, Francis decided to reconnect with his love for trains and trainspotting and set up his social media account to document trains he sees.

It isn’t clear why he chose the stage name of Francis Bourgeois instead of his actual name of Luke Nicholson. The ‘real’ Francis Bourgeois was a  landscape painter and court painter to King George III of the United Kingdom, who lived between 1753 and 1811.

Today Bourgeois lives in Battersea, London. His bedroom overlooks 12 railway tracks.

Francis Bourgeois TikTok

It was through the video-sharing platform TikTok that Francis Bourgeois found his fame. To date, Francis’ videos have clocked up over 47 million likes and earned him over 2.7 million followers.

The majority of Francis’ TikTok videos follow a similar formula: he introduces a train that he expects to go past him and we get a point of view close-up of Francis’ face lighting up with excitement thanks to a GoPro camera strapped to his head.

Thanks to his videos and his fame on social media, he has received gifts and produced sponsored content with the likes of popstar Joe Jonas (with whom he has gone trainspotting with), Spanish singer Rosalía, French football legend Thierry Henry and streaming service Spotify. Sustainable sunglass brand Coral Eyewear even invited him as a guest to the recent Formula One race in Miami, Florida, where he hung out with F1 drivers Alex Albon and Lance Norris.

Francis Bourgeois Model Career

In January 2022, Francis Bourgeois was cast in an advert for Italian fashion house Gucci and its collaboration with The North Face. Francis plays a train conductor in the advert and checks people’s tickets on a train. The collaboration and announcement of Francis being cast were shared exclusively by Highsnobiety.

More recently, Francis was seen modelling a two-piece chequered suit at Oxfam’s ‘Fashion Fighting Poverty’ show for London Fashion Week.

Francis Bourgeois TV Show

Francis’ very own TV show is set to launch on SBS Viceland and SBS On Demand on Thursday 28 February 2023.

The TikTok sensation provides his audience and guests with a glance into the art of wild transpotting.

Francis Bourgeois Book

Francis Bourgeois has also written a book, should you ever want to get some no-screen time without having to sacrifice your stream of locomotive content.

The Train Spotter’s Notebook is an adventure-filled memoir from the world’s most beloved trainspotter, published by Penguin.

The cover of Francis Bourgeois' book "The Trainspotter's Notebook"

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