James Bond Hopeful Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Next Movie Confirmed… But It’s Not 007

James Bond Hopeful Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Next Movie Confirmed… But It’s Not 007

Image: Sony Pictures

Aaron Taylor-Johnson may be coy about his future as 007. Still, with the news that he’s set to star alongside another James Bond hopeful Theo James in a gritty British crime drama, Bond fans should get ready for what could only be described as a head-to-head audition for the coveted role.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have likely seen the news that Marvel star Aaron Taylor-Johnson had been all but cast in the coveted role of Britain’s deadliest spy.

This comes after months (years) of speculation regarding the inevitable casting of James Bond after Daniel Craig’s emotional final swansong in No Time To Die, but rumours have momentarily hushed as it appears one of British cinema’s most iconic positions has been filled.

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Aaron Taylor-Johnson arrives on the red carpet with his wife Sam Taylor-Johnson.
Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been coy on rumours linking him to James Bond. Image: Shutterstock

Taylor-Johnson, unsurprisingly, was coy on reports linking him to the role, shutting down journalists at every turn hoping to dish out a fresh new take on proceedings. But, like in all things, the rumour mill continues to turn (it’s even rumoured Sydney Sweeney is set to star as the first Bond Girl companion) and while the English actor can neither confirm nor deny his casting in the next Bond chapter, his next feature could be a modern British classic.

Theo James and Aaron Taylor-Johnson cast in Fuze

Starring alongside Theo James, the star known for his stellar performance in Guy Ritchie’s debut Netflix series The Gentlemen, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is set to star in Fuze, a modern British heist movie set against the backdrop of a gritty London cityscape. David Mackenzie, revered director of Hell or High Water will direct with Ben Hopkins at the writers’ desk.

Theo James has been cast in the British crime drama Fuze. Image: Netflix

Details surrounding this release are still under wraps, but it’s been confirmed that Fuze has already entered pre-production, with plans to commence shooting later this year. This phase involves finalising the script, casting additional roles, and scouting for authentic London locations that will enhance the film’s realistic and immersive quality.

Although we don’t have definitive details yet, fans of the Bond franchise will be excited to see two of the top contenders for the coveted role going head-to-head in what could be seen as a feature-length audition. One thing’s for sure, these stars will certainly be put through their paces in another thrilling entry to British cinema.