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The Most Essential Aromatic Fragrances For Men To Buy Right Now

You may be thinking ‘what is exactly is an aromatic fragrance?’ and that’s a fair question as technically all colognes and fragrances for men do have an aroma. However, what classifies a cologne as an ‘aromatic’ fragrance is a scent that’s fresh and rustic with key notes of herbs and spices.

You will find that many aromatic colognes and fragrances for men fall into other categories such as spicy, woody, oriental, and even floral, but that’s the beauty of an aromatic fragrance; it can be a versatile type of fragrance. Overall, an aromatic cologne will be very grounded and down-to-earth smelling; perfect for those who don’t want to be known as the ‘guy who bathes in strong cologne’.

How to properly apply cologne

You don’t want to spray cologne all over you, as a quality strong fragrance will intensify over time. You just want a light spray on your neck and wrists; however, don’t spray one wrist and then rub your wrists together, as this will lessen the longevity of your cologne. Spray your neck and each wrist, extremely lightly.

If you really want to enhance your fragrance in warmer weather and you’re wearing shorts, try a light spray behind each knee too.

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If you’re itching to try a clean aromatic fragrance, then these are the best aromatic colognes and fragrances for men currently available.


For the intriguing man...

Comme Des Garcons $109.00
2 is an intoxicating and exotic cologne that’s a unique mix of woody, oriental, floral, and, of course, aromatic scents. With key notes of aldehydes, ink, magnolia, nutmeg, angelica, tea, incense, bay, coriander, cedar, patchouli, vetiver, mandarin, caraway, cinnamon, mate, amber, and labdanum, Comme Des Garcons’ 2 will give you an intriguing and mysterious fragrance.

La Nuit de l'Homme

For the complex man...

Yves Saint Laurent $97.00
​​Bright, masculine, and fresh, Yves Saint Laurent’s La Nuit de l’Homme has subtle intense and sensual scents too. The key notes of cardamom, cedar, and coumarin are rather contrasting which gives this cologne a complex and aromatic smell that’s surprisingly delectable.

The Original

For the sophisticated man...

Eight & Bob $186.05
Eight & Bob’s The Original has an aromatic and classic scent with a dash of French glamour. With top notes of cardamom, lemon, and pink pepper, mid notes of dried wood, labdanum, and violet leaves, and a base of sandalwood and vetiver, The Original is extremely sophisticated; so sophisticated it was JFK’s cologne of choice.


For the charming man...

Givenchy $106.00
Gentleman has a wonderfully contrasting smell of powerful woods and delicate florals, which overall give this cologne an aromatic woody fragrance. Key notes of iris, patchouli essence, and black vanilla give Givenchy’s Gentleman an overall charismatic and charming scent; perfect for men trying to appeal to the ladies.

Sunday Cologne

For the man with poise...

Byredo $190.00
Byredo’s Sunday Cologne has a rather classic, crisp fragrance that’ll let others know you’re poised and always in control. With top notes of bergamot, cardamom, and star anise, mid notes of geranium, incense, and lavender, and a base of moss, patchouli, and vetiver, this fragrance is indeed aromatic but still casual enough for lazy Sunday’s.