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19 Best Cardigans For Men

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When you think of cardigans, you may think of your dear old grandpa, but we are here to tell you that cardigans can be extremely fashionable. Now available in a multitude of styles – cable knits, double-breasted, lightweight, etc. – a cardigan can effortlessly give you a polished look while simultaneously keeping you cosy and warm.

Cardigans, usually crafted from wool or cotton, are incredibly comfortable; as comfortable as the sweatshirt you lounge about in at home. However, unlike sweatshirts, cardigans are extremely versatile and can be worn to both casual and smart-casual affairs.

The cardigan is named after British Army major general James Brudenell, the 7th Earl of Cardigan, because he accidentally burnt the tails off his knitted button tailcoat (what British officers often wore during the war) and the event was supposedly so ‘legendary’ that people then wanted their own version leading to the cardigan’s inception.

Cardigan FAQs

How do I style a cardigan?

It depends on what aesthetic you’re going for. For a simple classic look, you’ll want to style your cardigan with jeans and a t-shirt. For a more sophisticated and modern look, go for chinos and a thin turtleneck shirt in a neutral block colour. If you’re after a preppy style, pair your cardigan with a button-up shirt and chinos/trousers.

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