Jo Lindner Reveals Calf Training Trick Most Gym-Goers Miss

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Jo Lindner Reveals Calf Training Trick Most Gym-Goers Miss

Calves. They’re not the sexiest part of the human body (stereotypically). But wouldn’t you know it? According to a recent (informal) survey by German fitness phenomenon Jo Lindner, they are actually a deal-breaker for a number of women (see: ‘No Calves, No Date,’: Youtube Video Uncovers What Women Love Most About Men In The Gym).

News enough to strike fear into the hearts of the best of us. But never fear. If your leg peaches are flatter than a 90s supermodel’s stomach, there is a solution. Jo Lindner, German fitness phenomenon and inspiration guru is here to show you how to work your calves like crazy.

Though the calf raise is a well-known activity, a recent video which Lindner posted to Instagram shows you three simple ways to shake things up, thus (in theory) increasing your gains.

Posted last Monday for the viewing of his 4.1 million Instagram followers, the video shows Lindner demonstrating why you shouldn’t mindlessly smash out your calf raises with your foot in one position. In fact, it’s not just the amount of weight you can vary (with drop sets and the like); you can also vary your stance – something many people neglect.

“There are different stances, we can stay neutral like this, we can stand like this right [pointing toes a bit outwards] or we can stand like this [standing mildly pigeon toed]” Lindner said.

“You should do all of them.”

He also advises: “Make sure you have a nice stretch and a nice squeeze.”

He captioned the video: “Calves Motivation. Happy Monday bro.”

Viewers lapped up the fitness inspiration but were also quite concerned about Lindner’s choice in footwear, some calling it sacrilege to be using J Balvin Jordans for a workout.

“The jordan bro…the jordan…”, one wrote.

“Man why you do that with Nike ?????”, commented another.

“Those creases…”

This isn’t the first time Lindner has given fans a heads up on how to work their calves. As DMARGE reported in December, Lindner has also shared the following advice on how to get big ass calves: “It’s very important you don’t lean back.”

Instead, you must lean over the weight, which makes it much harder, and “only use your calves” rather than involving other muscle groups to get the job done.

Now sit and give us 20…

Watch how to get huge like Jo Lindner

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