Chris Hemsworth Enjoys ‘Four Weeks Worth Of Cheat Meals’ In One Hit

"No regrets."

Chris Hemsworth Enjoys ‘Four Weeks Worth Of Cheat Meals’ In One Hit

Image Credit: @chrishemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is known for maintaining a ridiculously ripped physique, courtesy of a series of intense workouts and maintaining a strict diet (albeit one with a high number of calories). He’s also known, of course, for being a Hollywood megastar, appearing in the likes of Thor and Extraction. But, at the end of the day, he’s human just like the rest of us, and a recent Instagram post proves he enjoys a sweet treat as much as the next guy.

Taking to Instagram this morning, Chris posted a picture of himself alongside his wife Elsa Pataky at Hans & Gretel UK – a dessert cafe in Camden Town, London, England – enjoying a “bubblegum flavoured ice cream dipped in sprinkles and wrapped in cotton candy.”

Chris goes on to admit that this one ice cream is “4 weeks of cheat meals in one hit”, but adds he has “no regrets.”

We’ve previously discussed cheat meals, even alluding to their importance. Chris Hemsworth himself has put forward the message that cheat meals are important, previously showing himself enjoying a birthday cake.

Fellow muscle mountain The Rock has spruiked the importance of cheat meals, especially if you’re someone who is attempting to put on as much weight as possible, to turn into muscle, since a cheat day can provide a huge influx of calories. Of course, they’re only useful if you’re regularly going to the gym and don’t have the overall goal to lose weight or fat.

For Chris, having this one ice cream is unlikely to make his stomach balloon, but if his claim that it represents four weeks worth of cheat meals in one hit is true, he may want to hold off on the cake for the rest of his trip. Talk about holding yourself to a high standard…

Learn how to get ripped like Chris Hemsworth in the video below

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