Chris Hemsworth & Elsa Pataky Demonstrate Travel Skill Every Couple Should Know

A refresher.

Chris Hemsworth & Elsa Pataky Demonstrate Travel Skill Every Couple Should Know


Chris Hemsworth goes on holiday. Chris Hemsworth gets a haircut. Chris Hemsworth rubs his tummy after lunch. Every time Chris Hemsworth steps outside, Australia’s culture shifts (if the tabloids are to be believed).

But, for once, with the country’s lockdown in various stages of undress, and as the nation’s perception of ~travel~ changes perhaps irreversibly, Chris Hemsworth’s latest jaunt up the coast reveals more than just his abs.

Chris Hemsworth and his family’s latest holiday destination, and their choice to keep it under wraps, besides providing a damning indictment on the Byron paparazzi, demonstrates a lost holiday art every Australian couple (whether you’ve got kids or not) can learn from.

The art of losing touch. Also: the humble road trip.

Forget soaring Amalfi Coast views and Portofino prosecco, a nondescript stretch of east (or west) coast sand could be the key to switching off your brain box; less bills, less flights, less hassle.

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Once there, your second key to a truly refreshing holiday is as follows: leave your phone alone. As DMARGE reported last year, study after study shows the benefits of disconnecting – especially when travelling.

On top of that, numerous (see here and here) professional backpackers say ‘losing touch’ is a feature – not a bug – of the travel experience.

Put another way: unless you’re someone that can have their Instagram and eat it too, if you stay in the loop while away you’ll find yourself taking photos when you should be inhaling, posing when you should be basking and curating when you should be doing.

It seems Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky have realised this. As reports, since racing north for a Queensland getaway once the state border reopened last Friday, “they [Chris, brother Liam and Elsa] haven’t posted a single happy snap to their 60 million-odd combined Instagram following.”

That said, “a couple of their less famous friends have kept fans updated.”

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“Also present on the low-key family trip to Rainbow Beach north of Noosa were Hemsworth family friends April and Luke Munro and their kids,” reports.

“April posted pics from the getaway to her Instagram account – with cameos from a few A-list faces.”

But hey: as long as someone else is doing the shutter bugging, the holiday is yours to enjoy.

Take note, Australia.

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