Chris Hemsworth Reveals The Perils Of Australian Domestic Air Travel

'Dishevelled chic.'

Chris Hemsworth Reveals The Perils Of Australian Domestic Air Travel

When Jetstar cancels your flight for the umpteenth time or Tigerair immediately dispatches your luggage to the wrong side of the country, Australian domestic air travel is what you might call a necessary evil.

From the security guards entertaining themselves with your taste in underwear to the never-ending queues and the inevitable ~cougher~ there is a lot to put up with. And – to be fair – most of us, if we had the money, would opt for a private jet too, as Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky normally do.

Last Monday, however, as The Daily Mail reported, “Chris Hemsworth, 36, and his wife Elsa Pataky, 43, decided to ditch their VIP aircraft for a public aircraft… as they travelled back home to Byron Bay after spending the weekend in Melbourne.”

Not happy.

Unfortunately for the A-list duo’s privacy, the pair were photographed by (whose pictures were then used by The Daily Mail) dragging their luggage through Melbourne Airport’s bustling terminal. Fortunately for the rest of Australia, it goes to show that no matter how sturdy your abs (or how heavy your wallet) there are some things in life that are a Thor-n in your side, no matter what (with travelling domestically being one of them).

In other words: don’t bother trying to look glamourous in an airport, but instead settle for what we’re calling ‘dishevelled chic.’

That’s not to say you should roll up in a Bintang singlet (you want to be eligible for an upgrade, after all) but that anyone who goes to too much effort to fly from Sydney to Melbourne had probably better take a better look at their priorities (there’s nothing more painful in life than a wasted outfit).

Not happier.

Chris also gave us a masterclass in airport style, proving that all you need to pull off ‘dishevelled chic’ is a reasonably tight fitting crew neck, killer jeans and a grimace befitting your environs (to be fair we’d be pissed too if we knew we were being spied on by the paparazzi).

This forms part of a broader trend of celebs dressing ever more casually when hitting the (other) runway, with David Beckham rocking his own version of the ubiquitous stained hoodie and sweatpants at London’s St Pancras International earlier this year.

Although the public tends to be cruel when they see a celebrity face a situation they deal with far more regularly, in this case – Chris and Elsa being a couple of low-key legends (especially when compared to some of the more self-absorbed A-listers out there) – the comments on The Daily Mail article (and photos) are actually quite complimentary.

“This couple is down to earth,” wrote Roxy Jacencock from Sydney. “Unlike Nic and Keith. Have you seen Nic and Keith standing behind the queue? Never. They will have to clear the airport for them bahahahahahah.”

Cameron 1981 from the UK was more direct in his observations: “He’s hot.”

And Minutemade, betraying his or her UK background (and lack of Aussie appreciation for how annoying it is to be papped) said, “Does he have to glower at the camera? Ignoring it would lead to less frown lines?”

In any case: you now have another excuse to be a little more chill about your next domestic flight.

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