Chris Hemsworth Sets Summer Body Bar Unfairly High With Thunderous Workout

Thor strikes with an iron fist...

Chris Hemsworth Sets Summer Body Bar Unfairly High With Thunderous Workout

Just when you thought Chris Hemsworth’s workouts couldn’t get any more terrifying, he drops this. Byron Bay’s most famous resident, Australia’s sexiest export, whatever you want to call him, the 37-year-old continues to impress.

After posting a workout showing off his shoulder, biceps, triceps and fast-growing chest late last month, Hemsworth today took to Instagram again with a workout that inspires equal parts awe and fear (especially for those like Thor 4 co-star Chris Pratt who has already begged Hemsworth to stop making him look bad with his increasingly sizeable rig).

Hemsworth took to the pads with coach Luke Zocchi with some smacking combinations of uppercuts, jabs and hooks. Coach Zocchi seemed to be getting into it too, grinning as he backed away, encouraging Hemsworth to come after him and keep on punching the pads – which he did with fierce strength and a smile of his own.

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“Kickin the week off right,” Hemsworth captioned the post, with the usual accolades (see: “Thor’s got handss” and “Dayum”) coming through in the comments (as well as requests he “fight Jake Paul”).

It’s hardly surprising Hemsworth is in rippling form right now – not only is he usually in good shape at the best of times in his informal role as the Ambassador for Good Health and Fitness for the entirety of Australia (as we like to see him), but he also has a fitness business venture Centr to look after, and is currently filming for the upcoming Thor 4 film, in which Hemsworth will be playing the iconic God of Thunder.

So: to all Australian men (and for that matter women) seeking summer body fitness inspiration. The gauntlet has been thrown. Make of it what you will (or trust we will be flung again into lockdown and keep on eating cake). The choice is yours for the taking…

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