Eddie Abbew Exposes The One Gym Supplement We Should Not Be Eating

For Eddie Abbew, the way to achieve your fitness dreams is simple.

Eddie Abbew Exposes The One Gym Supplement We Should Not Be Eating

Eddie Abbew, 1997 British Bodybuilding Champion who competed against bodybuilding legend Ronnie Coleman, has used his retirement to educate and inform aspiring gym rats who are looking to improve their performances at the gym… but now he’s setting out to expose the harmful supplements that we’re all guilty of taking.

It’s fair to say that as guys, we all feel we could be in better shape. Whether it’s improving our strength, physical appearance, or even our mental health, exercise is instrumental in helping us achieve our fitness goals.

Undoubtedly, we’ve all tried a number of different methods to get there faster; from protein powders and ancestral gym supplements to investing in the latest gym gear, we’re all looking to add an extra dimension to our fitness routines to perform at our best at the gym.

But now Eddie Abbew, one of Britain’s most popular bodybuilders, is coming after the everyday gym supplements we all take to get big in the gym, exposing them for the plethora of artificial ingredients that are doing absolutely nothing for the midweek pump.

WATCH Eddie Abbew exposes the gym supplement we all eat below.

At his peak, Eddie Abbew competed in the 2007 Mr. Olympia alongside bodybuilding icon Ronnie Coleman for his final professional appearance; Abbew finished the competition in 16th.

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Since retiring from professional bodybuilding, Abbew has become an internet sensation, using his unique skillset to educate his 213k Instagram followers on the potentially harmful supplements that we’re all guilty of taking to maximise our output at the gym.

“If you’re looking for protein, eat animal protein. If you want carbohydrates, eat single ingredient foods.”

Eddie Abbew

Known for his straight-talking, no-nonsense approach to nutrition, Abbew also has the qualifications to back it up, training and registering as a nurse after he gave up competing following a 12-year pro career.

It’s a novel idea during a time when we’re all looking for that edge in the gym, with fitness influencers and so-called Liver Kings selling an unattainable dream if we just take any of the many supplements from their sponsored product range.

Abbew’s simple approach to no-nonsense nutrition is a welcomed addition to the saturated social market and presents fat loss and muscle gain as an achievable goal for everyday gym-goers. For Eddie Abbew, the way to achieve your fitness dreams is simple: stop eating s*** food that’s doing nothing for your goals.