The Sign Leonardo DiCaprio Was Already Single…That Everyone Missed

Was DiCaprio's weight loss a sign he was single and ready to mingle?

The Sign Leonardo DiCaprio Was Already Single…That Everyone Missed

Left: before the break-up was reported. Right: after the breakup was reported. Image Credit:

Leonardo DiCaprio’s split from American model Camila Morrone most likely erupted onto your social media feed this week. But though many people are shocked Leo continues to break up with his partners (seemingly) the minute they turn 25, there’s something everyone missed that could have been a tell tale sign their relationship was already over.

Leonardo DiCaprio, who recently broke up with his girlfriend of four years, Camila Morrone (and who has now been spotted “partying” with 22-year-old model Maria Beregova), showed one sly sign of a relationship rupture before the break-up actually hit the news.

That sign? The dearth of dad bod. Now, before you throw your Ab Cruncher Pro 2000 at my head, hear me out. I know people normally get in shape after a break-up, but in the 47 year old Leo’s case, having a bizarre reputation as someone who only dates 20-25 year olds, perhaps it makes sense (he might have been worried he wouldn’t be able to keep up with young’uns partying, unless he whipped himself into shape)…

Leo enjoying a cigarette on the beach. Image Credit:

Another theory is that they’ve actually been broken up already for a little while, and it just went mainstream this week. Whatever the case, the result appears to be a trim looking Leo, with Instagram account claiming DiCaprio has recently been spotted strolling around Malibu, looking slim.

Leonardo DiCaprio strolling around Malibu (reportedly) in recent days. Image Credit:

“Man is looking trim and ready to do some damage. Leonardo DiCaprio has been spotted out and about in Malibu sporting his impressive weight loss after speculation that he and girlfriend Camila Morrone have split,” the social media page wrote. Commenters were quick to weigh in with quips, like: “Wearing his finest colgne to Toys R Us” and “25 is like 60 in Leo years.”

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Another fan wrote: “Great transformation!”, while yet another claimed Leo loves ciggies (“Leo loves darts”). All interesting stuff, and we can imagine the Hollywood icon’s every step, shuffle and romance will continue to be pored over by gossip mags for some time yet to come.

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