Lewis Hamilton Tries Bizarre New Workout To Beat UK Summer Heat

We're not sure if it's a workout or a recovery session. But it looks damn cool.

Lewis Hamilton Tries Bizarre New Workout To Beat UK Summer Heat

Lewis Hamilton has taken to Instagram to share a workout, which may be “the best way to beat the heatwave” currently plaguing Europe, claiming “-110°C never felt so good.”

Lewis Hamilton may be F1 royalty (and supremely fit), but when there’s a heatwave in the UK, he suffers too. Unlike the rest of us though, the good sir (no, really, he’s a knight of the kingdom), has access to realms of fitness equipment the rest of us can only dream of (or perhaps have nightmares about).

Introducing: his latest health ploy. Taking to Instagram with a video featuring Nelly’s ‘Hot In Herre’ as its soundtrack, Hamilton this morning could be seen shadow boxing in what looks to be a cryo chamber, with a bandana over his forehead (perhaps to protect his hair?) and a mask over his mouth.

WATCH: Lewis Hamilton Shadow Boxes In Cold Chamber

Hamilton captioned the video: “Best way to beat the heatwave. -110°C never felt so good 🧊🧊🧊.” In response to the clip, some fans expressed concern about the temperature setting (“110? Please don’t freeze, we need you next race”) and others said Hamilton’s antics had put their heatwave activities to shame (“well I guess I’m not getting anything done today”).

Another remarked: “-110ºC but still looking hot 🙄 try again.” This came amid other confused observations like: “I would say I wish i could trade places with you right now but honestly the frost on ur eyelashes and brows doesn’t look too pleasing…imma stay in the heat like nah thank you” and “for a sec i thought is ronaldinho.”

Other strategies Britons are using to cope with the heat (they recently went through the hottest day on record) have included flocking to seaside towns, avoiding alcohol (or at least, being told to) and huddling beside the cold section at Marks & Spencer.

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