The Brutal Reality Of Attempting Michael B. Jordan’s Workout For 30 Days Straight

"For a person with a nine-to-five, who is not an actor with a chef... it's certainly more challenging."

The Brutal Reality Of Attempting Michael B. Jordan’s Workout For 30 Days Straight

We’d all like Michael B. Jordan’s physique, but unless you quit your job and hire a chef it is a borderline psychotic goal to set yourself.

However, as Buzzfeed journalist Christopher Hudspeth’s 30-day challenge reveals, looking (more) like your celebrity crush is very much achievable — without suffering through 4am boxing sessions and sacrificing Sunday lunch to glassy-eyed fatigue.

Hooking up with Corey Calliet, a celebrity personal trainer who whips icons like Michael B. Jordan and Khloe Kardashian into shape, Hudspeth asked the PT to get him to look as close to Adonis Creed as possible, over the course of a month.

“I’m the guy you go to when you need to get yourself in shape really fast.”

Far from being intimidated from the challenge, Calliet was optimistic from the get-go: “30 days with me will change your life, your relationship status and your income.”

What’s in it for you? Well, while getting Adonis’ ‘boxer chic’ physique may not come easy (and certainly won’t come with the smooth DM sliding skills or suit style Michael B. Jordan is known for), with any luck you’ll see a bit more social media love directed your way.

Keen? Here’s what it’s like to attempt Michael B. Jordan’s insane workout routine, for 30 days straight.

It’s Going To Hurt — But That’s Not Necessarily A Bad Thing

As trainer Calliet told an exhausted Hudspeth: “This sh*t hurts — it’s supposed to  — and we’re going to do it all over again.”

If you don’t have your own PT to tell you this at the end of a tough set, repeat Calliet’s next mantra in your head, “If you can be consistent throughout the whole process your body will start changing.”

Or, if that doesn’t work, console yourself with the fact that you’re not alone — Hudspeth felt the pain too.

“I feel like I’m just getting killed right now.”

The Diet Plan Is Brutal — But Effective

If you watch the video (at the bottom) you’ll see Hudspeth admit that meal preparation is the most difficult part of the process (for him), with the amount of time the average 9-5 worker has to trim chicken and roast sprouts being severely limited by the demands of life…

“For a person with a nine-to-five who is not an actor with a chef and not being paid to dedicate your life to this, it’s certainly more challenging.”

“What people don’t understand,” Calliet says, is that you can eat what you like and still learn to box, but to get the look that you want, “The real transformation comes with diet.”

“High protein, carbs when you need it, 1.5 to 2 gallons of water a day.”

A Gallon Of Water A day = Living In A Bathroom

“One thing I was not prepared for was how exhausting the gallon of water thing is.”

You Will Get Drunken Junk Food Cravings — But That’s Not Necessarily A Bad Thing Either

When Hudspeth fell prey to some Taco Bell cravings midway through the challenge (after sinking a few vodkas at a concert) he took it as a good sign, in his words, “Because I normally have no desire to do anything on a Saturday night.”

You Will Need To Be Consistent To Get The Desired Result

On the final day, Hudspeth came to the conclusion that, movie star or not, “If you take the time and consistency” you’ll get the same type of body as Michael B. Jordan (although perhaps not as substantially ripped).

Keep it up for a year though and The Rock’s the limit…

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