Sydney’s ‘North Shore’ Folk Come Under Attack With New Crime Show

Oh to be a North Shorian...

Sydney’s ‘North Shore’ Folk Come Under Attack With New Crime Show

The Lower North Shore. Image Credit: Montgomery Homes

A new crime drama mini-series set in Australia has been greenlit by streaming platform Paramount Plus (stylised as Parmount+) and it’s called North Shore

There’s a bit of a stereotype here in Sydney about those who live on the North Shore – which is considered one of the most affluent areas in Australia.

Filled with spoilt brats who attend fancy boarding schools, old people with tiny, fluffy white dogs and young men who exclusively wear polo shirts and RM Williams; to indulge the stereotype a little further, people from the North Shore typically look down their noses on other parts of Sydney because they’re rich and privileged.

But now North Shore folk appear to be getting knocked down a peg (fictionally, anyway). A television series called North Shore has been greenlit by the streaming platform, Paramount+; which, according to Deadline, will be a six-part crime thriller set on and around Sydney Harbour and the North Shore.

North Shore will follow a “clash of cultures” when Australian and British detectives are forced to work together to solve a complex murder mystery. The upcoming mini-series was created by Mike Bullen – the BAFTA winner best known for creating the critically acclaimed British dramedy Cold Feet.

North Shore was created by Mike Bullen – creator of Cold Feet (pictured above). Image Credit: ITV

Gregor Jordan, best known for directing the Heath Ledger movies Two Hands and Ned Kelly, will direct North Shore, while Marcia Gardner – who’s written for multiple Australian TV shows like Bali 2002, Sea Patrol, Blue Heelers and All Saints – is set to write.

North Shore will be partly financed by Screen Australia; the federal agency announced the show was one of nine projects that will be financed by $12 million of production funding. Minister for Arts, Tony Burke said of the funding,

“Shining a spotlight on Australian stories is so important, not just for those in the arts sector, but all of us as Australians. These stories contribute to our national identity, and I know these projects will showcase the incredible talent and creativity of our actors, writers, producers, directors and post-production workers – here in Australia and right around the world.”

Tony Burke, Minister for Arts

There’s no word yet on who will star in North Shore and a release date for North Shore hasn’t been announced yet either; watch this space, as we’re sure you’ll want to be warned of when the North Shorians will start complaining about the fact that a mini-series depicting a violent murder was named after their precious home.

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