Pharrell Casually Paired His $1,000,000 Watch With A 'Summer Tuxedo'

Up all night to get leggy.

Pharrell Casually Paired His $1,000,000 Watch With A 'Summer Tuxedo'

He’s known for pushing the boundaries of music and fashion but there are times when Pharrell Williams really takes it to another level. Case in point: a ‘summer tuxedo’ complete with $1,000,000 worth of Richard Mille wrist candy.

The music maestro stepped out overnight in London for ‘The Lion King’ premiere alongside other elite stars like Seth Rogen and Beyonce. Our attention however was solely fixed on Pharrell’s unconventional choice in wardrobe which comprised of a double button suit blazer worn with a dress shirt and slim bowtie. Conventional tuxedo jackets often feature contrasting lapels and a single button so this is definitely a Pharrell concoction. And let’s not forget the shorts. Given the warmer days up north Pharrell ditched the cocktail pants for slim-fit shorts, raised white socks and black loafers bearing his own name in silver. Not the easiest combination to pull off.

The hero piece of course was Pharrell’s Richard Mille RM 25-01 Tourbillon Adventure Watch which retails for US$983,000 and is limited to just 20 pieces worldwide. Pharrell is one of those twenty owners alongside Sylvester Stallone. You can read more about the watch in a past Pharrell sighting.

Breaking another suiting convention, Pharrell buttoned up both buttons on his blazer – possibly a quick oversight since he got it right on the yellow carpet. Here’s how he stacked up against his more conventionally dressed peers.

The real question here: did he overcook his look? We’ll let you decide.

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