Pharrell Williams Watch: Rapper Pairs $983,000 Watch With Crocs & Socks

Up all night to get Croc-y.

Pharrell Williams Watch: Rapper Pairs $983,000 Watch With Crocs & Socks

What can we say…when you’re Pharrell Williams you can wear what you damn well want to a red carpet film premiere – and that includes a US$983,000 Richard Mille RM 25-01 Tourbillon Adventure Watch alongside your rainbow Crocs with white socks.

The iconic ‘IDGAF’ look has always been the domain of Pharrell who often opts for changing up suits and tuxedos for the latest trends in streetwear and urban style experimentation. This was definitely the case when the 46-year-old music maestro championed the footwear combo of retired chefs and nursing home kingpins with a blue hoodie and shorts at the premiere Of The Black Godfather in Hollywood overnight.

We’ve spoken about this particular watch on Pharrell before when he recently paired it with leopard print, but his latest outing with Crocs and socks takes the menswear style game to the next level. I.e. is it a outrageous look…or is Pharrell just so far ahead in the fashion game that we don’t even know it? We’re unsure ourselves, but it’s worth a laugh from the photo above.

The bulky military watch is limited to just twenty pieces worldwide with Pharrell and Sylvester Stallone taking up two of those coveted ownership positions.

The luxury watchmaker created it as a tribute to Stallone’s enduring career as Hollywood’s go-to tough guy. Whilst it may look outlandish the RM 25-01 is purely tactical in its delivery. It employs a lightweight tourbillon movement with titanium components for precise timekeeping without sacrificing wearability. A unique bezel option for the watch sees a Grade 5 titanium lid with a mirrored internal face for easy compass legibility.

But the real kicker? The watch features five water purification capsules concealed in a Carbon TPT compartment for emergencies. Each capsule will create a litre of safe drinking water within a time frame of 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the fluid’s natural pollutants. A natural rubber strap in obligatory camouflage is included with the piece.

So…anyone keen to try rocking Crocs with socks to the office? Do let us know if you still have a job by the week’s end.

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