These Are The Hottest Men's Fashion Trends This Summer

In the summer time when the weather is fine...

These Are The Hottest Men's Fashion Trends This Summer

There should always be space in your Rolodex of clothing options for the latest summer trends. This season, we welcome the return of some reliable favourites, like ripped denim and leather sandals (no complaints here), but there are also tons of great newbies to try.

So whether you’re a laidback, go-with-the-flow type of dresser or you’re taking your styling cues from the high ranks of Ryan Gosling, we’ve compiled the ultimate hit-list to slay your summer style before summer even arrives.

Watch and learn, sun-seekers.

Printed Shirts

Bold is better

Shirts just got a whole lot more interesting. It’s all about prints now: abstract, polka dot and most particularly, floral (yes, accept it or lose out). Or you can also “say hello to my little friend” by getting retro with the latest Cuban style shirts.

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Bold Striped Suits

Lapels and lines

Designers are putting a twist on your typical pinstripe suit with noticeably bold stripes. There’s all different takes on this trend, ranging from Diesel’s black and white jacket, paired with leather pants (standing ovation for this one) or there’s Berluti’s dandy theme with their nautical red, white and navy version – think 1920’s millionaire on a yacht.

Pastel Sneakers

Hey, Gelato feet!

Last year’s bold kicks are no more. Instead, you’re opting for pastel sneakers – the colours of choice being salmon, peach, mint, beige and baby blue. It seems many of the respected fashion lords of LA are taking the lead with this trend, as seen with people like Scott Disick wearing the original Achilles sneakers in pink or Justin Bieber with his pastel efforts.

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Pleats In Your Trousers

Dad pants are back

In 2017, you’re encouraged to get less basic with your trousers and go for pleats.  It’s especially flattering if you’ve got string-bean legs and you need to bulk up your bottom half.

You can dress them up or down, wearing them casually with a belt and t-shirt or alternatively, with a suit jacket to raise the bar a bit more.

Round Sunglasses

Sunglasses are kicking it old-school with rounded frames. Justin Bieber, Josh Hartnett and our favourite Game of Thrones badass, Kit Harrington get the idea, sporting rounded aviators with the classic double brow bar. Kudos to the King of the North who, when off Set, looks just as cool when winter is not coming.

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Ripped Light Denim Jeans (Still)

The trend continues…

D-Squared, John Elliot and Saint Laurent made it quite clear ripped denim is still going strong. Prepare to plunge into all shades of denim this summer.

The runways displayed the entire spectrum of washes, ranging from bleached varieties to indigo.  You can wear the lighter versions for daytime and the darker ones for evenings out.

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Longer Shorts

Cover up those knees

Every season, shorts can never seem to stick to a hem length. Well this time, designers are choosing shorts that fall a few inches below the knee. Key styles feature abstract patterns or sporty bold colours with a relaxed fit for everyday wear.

Wide Leg Linen Trousers

Wide and proud

Luxury meets comfort with wide leg linen trousers. You get tons of breathing room, plus the cozy feel of the soft linen. You can go for versions with a fitted waistband if your physique needs more structure or there’s always the relaxed waist tie for a more low-key vibe.

White Chinos

Careful where you sit

Thanks to white chinos, you’ve now got the effortlessly well-groomed thing locked down.  Speaking your language? With its clean-cut fit and lightweight feel, it’s your ultimate styling hack. You can also try rolling up the ankles for a more casual look.

The Waterproof Loafer

Anywhere any time

Swim shorts are rolling back to the 50’s, back when short shorts were cool. Not exactly ideal for the fashionably squeamish, but for those who don’t give a flying fidget spinner, let your quads fly free. Orlebar Brown is on board with this super short trend, featuring ones in vintage-inspired colours (red, yellow and navy). Pair them with waterproof loafers, combining both fashion and practicality.

Colourful Bracelets

Just a touch of summer bling

If you’re not rocking bracelets in 2017, you have no standing as a fashion guru. No matter who you are, every trend-conscious guy should be wearing colourful bracelets this summer– as long as it’s done right. Rock them singularly or combine different ones together within the same shade family.

Leather Sandals

Jesus would do it

Lake-life and laidback luxury is the name of the game with leather sandals. Keep an eye out for versions with intricate, interwoven straps or asymmetrical designs. Brown leather is the material of choice; don’t miss out.

Yes, it seems Birkenstocks are also back in style too.

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Statement T-Shirts

Make a statement

Got something to say? Let your shirt do all the backtalk with this season’s statement shirt trend. These shirts can be political, as seen with the “Fall in Love and Be More Tender” shirt by Ashish, or they can get super weird, as modelled by Gucci’s “Future” shirt.

They can also feature wild or jokey prints, creating statements that make absolutely zero sense, like the pineapple and horn shirt by Dolce & Gabbana.


Shorts and suits

Seersucker is the all-cotton fabric of choice for summer. With its breezy texture, accented by thin puckered stripes or checkers, it lets you beat the sweat in style. This material works great with shirts, shorts and blazers – or any jacket, really, for when you need a simple, light layer for those dressier occasions.

A Tan

Get gold

Bad news for UV-phobes, the tan is in. Just ask notorious beach king, Zac Efron who rocks copper tone like he invented it. You can also compare tans with Bradley Cooper, spotted in Venice with his painfully hot supermodel girlfriend, Irina Shayk. Well clearly Brad’s got it, so maybe there’s something to say about the tan’s magic after all. Lest we forget, there is also a little secret called a spray tan which is the responsible option.

Ditch The Belt

It’s time to invest in trousers and suits without belts. The days of matching your shoes with your belt are now gone too. Ensure your trousers and jeans are well-tailored to suit your waistline, add a t-shirt or shirt, maybe even a polo. Classic combinations of white tailored trousers will continue to be a style stapled for every special Summer occasion.