Lewis Hamilton Net Worth, Salary, Girlfriend & News

Sir Lewis Hamilton is a man who should need very little introduction, but we’re going to give him one anyway. The British Formula 1 driver, who is currently racing for the Mercedes-AMG Formula 1 team, has broken several records during his career, including the most wins, most pole positions and most podium finishes… leading many to consider Lewis the greatest Formula 1 driver of all time.

Lewis Hamilton Quick Facts

Name: Sir Lewis Carl David Hamilton
Age: 38
DoB: 7 January 1985
Nationality: British
Height: 5ft 7in / 1.74m
Weight: 73kg
Net Worth: $285 million (estimated)
Instagram: @lewishamilton – 35.4m followers

Lewis Hamilton is level with Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher for World Drivers’ Championship wins, securing his maiden title with McLaren aged just 23. Hamilton would go on an era of unprecedented dominance after making the switch to Mercedes in 2013, lifting six Drivers’ Championships in seven years in addition to eight consecutive Constructors between 2013 and 2021.

But there is more to Lewis than just his unrivalled speed in a Formula 1 car. Known for his signature style and collaborations with some of the world’s biggest brands, Lewis has evolved into a unique talent away from the asphalt, lending his voice to social issues such as Black Lives Matter, offering his support to emerging female drivers within the sport and committing to a vegan and climate-conscious lifestyle. and

Lewis and his mother.

Lewis Hamilton is a British Formula 1 driver who is currently signed with the Mercedes-AMG F1 Team.

Born in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom on 7 January 1985, Lewis’ parents are Anthony Hamilton – who is of Grenadian descent – and Carmela Larbalestier – who is White British. In Lewis Hamilton made history as the first black driver to race in Formula 1.

Lewis Hamilton has two older half-sisters, Samantha and Nicola, and a younger half-brother, Nicolas.

Lewis Hamilton showed a keen interest in car racing from a young age, when his father, Anthony, bought him a radio-controlled car, which he entered into competition. Hamilton ultimately finished second in the national British Radio Controlled Car Association championship when he was just 6 years old. His father followed this up by buying Lewis a go-kart and took on multiple jobs to help fund his racing career.

Lewis Hamilton Racing Career

Lewis during his early karting career.

Lewis’ father’s investment paid off, as Lewis won the British cadet karting championship in 1995 at just 10 years old, becoming the youngest driver to win the championship. Soon after, Lewis approached then McLaren F1 team principal Ron Dennis, and told him he wanted to race for his team one day.

In 1998, Ron Dennis gave Lewis a role in the McLaren driver development programme, which also included a clause in the contract that would give him the option of getting a seat in Formula One.

Formula 1

Image: @lewishamilton

After rising through the ranks in Formula Renault, Formula Three and GP2, Lewis Hamilton made his Formula 1 debut in 2007, racing for McLaren.

Lewis Hamilton McLaren

In his first season, Lewis finished second in the Drivers’ Championship by just one point behind winner, Kimi Räikkōnen. Hamilton’s teammate at the time, Fernando Alonso, left McLaren at the end of the season following a falling out with both Lewis and the team, pushing Lewis up to the number 1 driver position.

Lewis Hamilton won his first World Driver’s Championship in just his second season in Formula 1, making him the youngest driver to ever win it at the time (a feat that has since been surpassed by Max Verstappen). Lewis continued to race with McLaren until the end of the 2012 season, after which he joined Mercedes in 2013.

Lewis Hamilton Move To Mercedes

During Lewis Hamilton’s first Formula 1 season with Mercedes, the expectation for the young British driver to continue his upward trajectory within F1 was high, taking the number one spot at one of the best, and well-funded, teams on the grid.

In the 10 years since, Lewis Hamilton has become the single greatest driver in the history of the sport, securing the most wins by a driver, the most podiums of any driver and equalling the great Michael Schumacher’s record of seven Drivers’ Championships.

Since the emergence of current World Champion, Max Verstappen, Hamilton has struggled to keep up with the pace of the Red Bull.

Lewis Hamilton Contract & Salary

With a new contract signed for the next two years, Hamilton put pen to paper on a historic contract leading many to ask: How much does Lewis Hamilton make a year? Hamilton’s contract is worth a staggering $36 million AUSD a year, ending speculation that the seven-time world champion could be driving for another team like Ferrari in 2024.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is desperate to add an eighth title to cement the Briton’s enduring legacy within this sport and with this new deal, Mercedes and F1 keep one of the sport’s most important figures on the grid for years to come, and Hamilton will be prepared to fight to be competitive with Red Bull once again.


Image: @lewishamilton

Off the track, Lewis Hamilton has promoted a number of movements and donated, or become involved with numerous charitable organisations. Being the only black driver in Formula 1 and experiencing first-hand racial abuse at race weekends, Hamilton helped promote the Black Lives Matter movement during the 2020 season by taking the knee before every race. He also wore t-shirts in support of Black Lives Matter and the shooting of Breonna Taylor.

Lewis has also spoken out against human rights abuse, particularly in Middle Eastern countries, both in interviews and by wearing rainbow helmets at certain Grand Prix races in support of the LGBTQ+ community.

He has also spoken out about environmental and animal rights and has even set up his own plant-based burger restaurant in the UK called Neat Burger. Hamilton has said he has made changes in his personal life to be more environmentally friendly, such as selling his private jet and banning all plastic from both his office and his homes.

Lewis Hamilton Fashion

Lewis Hamilton often arrives at race weekends rocking various pieces of designer clothing. He has previously been seen wearing orange jumpsuitsfull tracksuits and summer-worthy shirt and short combinations.

Image: @lewishamilton

He is also a brand ambassador for Swiss watch brand IWC-Schaffhausen and has collaborated with the company on several limited-edition models.

Lewis at the Met Gala

Image: @lewishamilton

In addition to his race weekend looks and previous collaboration with American fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger, Lewis Hamilton is a regular attendee of the annual Met Gala. While he may have skipped out on the 2022 Met Gala, Lewis Hamilton has previously shown up on the red carpet sporting a variety of looks to suit the year’s theme.

In 2021, he also paid for a table to host three emerging black fashion designers, to help give them the spotlight they deserved.

Lewis Hamilton Hair

Another area that regularly sees Lewis placed under the watchful eye of the media is his hair. When he entered Formula 1, he was practically balding, but over the years, his hair has grown longer and longer, to the point where he has been able to style it in dreadlocks. Many people have assumed Lewis has undergone a hair transplant.

Lewis Hamilton's Girlfriend / Wife

Lewis Hamilton & Nicole Scherzinger were in an on-off relationship for 8 years. Image: Getty

Lewis Hamilton is believed to be single at the moment, however, his most high-profile relationship was with Pussycat Dolls’ lead singer, Nicole Scherzinger.

The couple were in an on-and-off relationship between 2007 and 2015. Hamilton has previously been linked with Kendall Jenner, Rita Ora, Rihanna and model Barbara Palvin.

Lewis Hamilton’s Net Worth

Lewis Hamilton regularly ranks among the richest British sportspeople and his net worth is currently estimated at $285 million. His biggest source of income is, of course, his Mercedes F1 salary. He is said to have a signed a contract in 2015 that would see him stay with Mercedes until the end of the 2018 season, which was worth £100 million over the three years, making his salary just over £33 million at the time.

In 2018, he signed a two-year contract extension which was worth a reported £40 million per year. Lewis’ 2021 salary is rumoured to have been worth around $62 million – $55 million in salary but $7 million in bonuses.

Lewis Hamilton’s 2023 salary was estimated to be US$35 million.

Lewis Hamilton's Car Collection

Naturally, being a Formula 1 racing driver, you can expect Lewis Hamilton to own a collection of incredibly exotic cars. He recently purchased a new LaFerrari, bringing his total up to two, and he has also bought two Mercedes-AMG Ones, which he helped to develop. He is said to have given one to his father.

Lewis also reportedly owns several Mercedes-Benz cars, including an SLS AMG Black Series, a G63 6X6, two Mercedes Maybachs and a GT R, alongside a McLaren P1, a 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby G500 and a Ferrari 599 SA Aperta.

He recently sold his customised Pagani Zonda LH for a reported $11.3 million.

Where does Lewis Hamilton live?

Image: @lewishamilton

Lewis Hamilton’s current main residence is in Monaco. He moved there in 2010 after buying a house worth a reported £10 million. He also has an apartment in Manhatten, New York and an estate in Colorado, which he intends to use when he retires. He has previously owned a home in Switzerland.

He is also rumoured to own a six-bedroom house in West London, which he purchased in 2017 for £18 million.

Lewis Hamilton Tattoos

Image: @lewishamilton

You only need to see a few pictures of Lewis Hamilton to understand he has a penchant for tattoos. A good majority of Lewis’ tattoos have religious connotations and associations. One of his biggest tattoos is on his back and depicts a large cross surrounded by a pair of angel wings, accompanied by the words “Still I Rise.” This quote regularly features on Lewis’ race helmet, too.

He’s said the tattoo was inspired by his favourite rapper, Tupac, while the quote comes from a poem written by American civil rights activist, Maya Angelou.

Other religious-inspired tattoos include a guardian angel, a secret heart and Michelangelo’s Pieta combined into a sleeve on his right arm, and a compass on his sternum that he says represents the direction his church visits provide him.

Image: @lewishamilton

Lewis also has a number of hand tattoos. Some of his ink includes an hourglass, the symbol for his star sign of Capricorn and a collection of sacred geometry and alchemy symbols.

Is Lewis Hamilton gay?

Lewis supporting the LGBTQI+ community with his helmet

No. Whilst Lewis had an on and off again relationship with Pussycat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger he’s since never been seen with a female partner. Instead, it’s assumed he decided to focus on racing and let his private life be private. Lewis is known as an avid supporter of gay rights as seen with his rainbow helmet which he wears in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Abu Dhabi.

Nelson Piquet & Lewis Hamilton Racist Comments

Former Formula 1 driver Nelson Piquet was fined in March 2023 for racist and homophobic comments made about Lewis Hamilton and was ordered to pay $950,000 in “moral damages” by a Brazilian court. The funds were then donated to help causes that fight against racial inequality and the discrimination of the LGBTQ+ community.

What did Nelson Piquet say to Lewis Hamilton?

The 70-year-old Brazilian had referred to Hamilton as “neguinho” or “little black guy” in English after the British Grand Prix in 2021, in which Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen collided in a corner. Nelson Piquet’s daughter, Kelly, is in a relationship with Max Verstappen.

Lewis Hamilton & Angela Cullen

Widely credited for helping Hamilton win four consecutive F1 world championships from 2017 to 2020, the New Zealand-born Angela Cullen was Lewis Hamilton’s performance coach and as such, ensured that that the British driver was always in peak form.

Lewis' Helmet

Lewis celebrated his birthday in January 2023 by visiting Antarctica. Ever since he received his first Go Kart, Lewis Hamilton was sure he was born to be a racer. According to him, he is hungry for success, and he gets hungrier for more success with each win.

Lewis Hamilton - Lewis' Helmet

In February, he appreciated the 2000 people who helped in building him a new car model, W14. He proceeded to get a new helmet colored yellow and purple. He loves it because it represents his support for the LGBTQIA+ community. Later in 2023, he changed the colour for a second time. This new one, designed by celebrity craft maker Boranya, is also colored purple. It was named "Limitless."

His Team

Lewis Hamilton - His Team

Steph, the first woman to stand on an F1 podium, was part of his team. On International Women's Day in 2023, he celebrated her. He had a 15k run in March in preparation for future races.


Lewis Hamilton - Leisure

He also had a nice time playing golf with his uncle, Terry. Lewis has hung out with a couple of celebrities like Neymar and Tyler, the Creator. He also advertised for Puma motorsport. He was present for the Broncos rugby game during his break in December. On his free days, he swims and visits the spa. He also skydives as well.


Lewis Hamilton - Family

His father's birthday was in May. It was celebrated with a family dinner with his mother, stepmother, and siblings in attendance. His father has been his fan from the very first match. He thanked Italy for their love. On his mother's birthday, she came for the first time to his car launch, trying out his helmet among other things. On Women's Day 2024, he celebrated his mother and stepmother for their rock-hard support from day one. Despite all odds, there was always a common ground when it came to Lewis.

His Feats

Lewis Hamilton - Feats

Lewis raced in Brazil and took the trophy home as usual. The dog dad won silver in Spain and raced at the place where he won his first ever race in Canada. He bagged P3 at the latter. He won another trophy in Silverstone weeks later. In Vegas, he got P7.


Lewis Hamilton - Collaborations

Hamilton sees himself and SO AMG, a new limited edition from Mercedes, as an iconic duo. Almave, a non-alcoholic tequila with variants, was also advertised by Lewis. He was present at the Almave bar launch. According to him, if he needs to focus but still wants a little fun without losing his focus, Almave comes in handy. As a proud dog dad, his dog has a page dedicated to him with over 1 million followers on Instagram. He is the brand ambassador for IWC watches and Jordan Australia. He sees Ayrton as his role model. At a later date, Lewis would be available on the Fortnite video games for gamers to enjoy.

Lewis and Mercedes

Lewis and Mercedes

Lewis brought his 13-year-long contract with Mercedes' to an end. He stated that his dream was to be part of Mercedes', which he had fulfilled. He was moving on to fulfilling another one of his dreams, which was being part of Ferrari from 2025. He thanked Mercedes for their relentless support.