21 Best Disney Plus Shows In Australia | IMDB Rated [2022]

Get comfortable and get ready to watch these awesome TV series.

Disney Plus isn’t just a streaming platform for kids. While it does have classic childhood movies such as Cinderella, Toy Story, The Lion King, etc, it’s very much a streaming platform for adults too. In fact, it’s one of the best streaming services in Australia.

Ever since Disney acquired Pixar, Marvel, Fox & Lucasfilm, Disney Plus offers exclusive access to the MCU films and TV shows, the Star Wars films and TV shows, and all of Fox’s awesome content. Therefore, it’s clear that Disney Plus is worth getting but with such a rich catalogue, it can be hard to know where to start.

If you’re looking for a new TV show to watch, never fear. Actually, you can sit back and relax because we’ve gone through and rounded up the best shows on Disney Plus to start watching right now.


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7.6 IMDb score, ​​stars Jennifer Garner, Ron Rifkin, Carl Lumbly, Kevin Weisman & Victor Garber, created by J.J. Abrams, Action, Drama & Mystery, released in 2001, 5 seasons

Alias follows an international spy, Sydney Bristow, who is recruited to work for a top-secret division of the CIA. However, when she learns that her division is actually run by a group of terrorists trying to take over the world, Sydney becomes a double-agent and tries to take them down from the inside.

Alias features awesome action scenes as well as great writing and acting; if you’re a fan of espionage-style shows/films, you’ll enjoy Alias.

Arrested Development

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8.7 IMDb score, stars Jason Bateman, Michael Cera & Will Arnett, Comedy, released in 2003, 5 seasons

In Arrested Development, the rich but severely spoiled and dysfunctional Bluth family suddenly finds themselves penniless – the patriarch of the family is imprisoned and all assets are frozen. And so, the only level-headed Bluth, Michael – played by Bateman – is forced to try and keep his family’s business from collapsing.

Arrested Development is hands down one of the best comedy series of all time. It’s hilarious, intelligent and features some stellar performances.

Bob’s Burgers

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8.2 IMDb score, stars H. Jon Benjamin, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman, John Roberts & Kristen Schaal, Animation & Comedy, released in 2011, 12 seasons

This delightful animated series follows the many misadventures of the Belcher family – Bob and Linda, and their kids, Tina, Gene and Louise – as they run their restaurant that sells burgers. While you may think an animated series that focuses on an American family may pale in comparison when The Simpsons exists, the humour and characters that Bob’s Burgers features makes the show feel original and fresh.

Bob’s Burgers has many great, witty one-liners that may take you a moment to get as well as awesome musical numbers. Sure, it’s weird but give this show a go; you won’t regret it.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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8.3 IMDb score, stars Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nicholas Brendon & Alyson Hannigan, created by Joss Whedon, Action, Drama & Fantasy, released in 1997, 7 seasons

Buffy The Vampire Slayer follows Buffy Summers, a teen girl who also happens to be the destined one to slay vampires and demons. The show – especially the first season – is slightly dated; meaning it’s very obvious it was made in the 90s but that honestly adds to the show’s nostalgic charm.

If you like action or supernatural series, give Buffy The Vampire Slayer a chance; it’s a cult classic for a reason.

Burn Notice

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8.1 IMDb score, stars ​​Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar & Bruce Campbell, Action, Crime & Drama, released in 2007, 7 seasons

A seasoned US spy is suddenly fired, or ‘burned’, and has to resort to doing impossible jobs for desperate people so he can survive. He also swears revenge on those who burned him. Burn Notice features exceptional dry humour, thrilling plotlines and great acting.

If you’re after an entertaining yet digestible spy series, Burn Notice is for you.

Criminal Minds

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8.2 IMDb score, stars ​​Mandy Patinkin, Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Matthew Gray Gubler & Shemar Moore, Crime, Drama & Mystery, released in 2005, 15 seasons

Criminal Minds follows the Behavioural Analysis Unit of the FBI as they profile and analyse the moves of the country’s most dangerous serial killers in the hopes that they can anticipate where the killers will strike next. It’s a classic procedural show meaning you don’t necessarily have to watch the episodes in order or pay close attention to every single episode; making it the perfect show to unwind to.

If you enjoy crime shows like Law & Order and NCIS, you’ll like Criminal Minds.

The Dropout

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7.4 IMDb score, stars Amanda Seyfried, Michaela Watkins & Naveen Andrews, Biography & Drama, released in 2022, 1 season

The Dropout is a mini-series that chronicles the true story behind Theranos founder, Elizabeth Holmes and how she put millions of patients at risk due to the healthcare technology she developed. Seyfried’s performance truly carries this series as overall The Dropout is just good – nothing more, nothing less.

If you’re after a show that you can quickly devour and will give you a few hours of light entertainment, The Dropout’s for you.


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9.0 IMDb score, stars Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres & Alan Tudyk, created by Joss Whedon, Adventure, Drama & Sci-Fi, released in 2002, 1 season

Firefly just wasn’t appreciated in its time which is why it was cancelled after only one season. Flash forward to today and Firefly has a cult-like following and is regarded as one of the best sci-fi series ever made. Firefly is compelling with wonderfully complex storylines and Fillion’s charming performance.

If you’re a fan of the sci-fi genre or of Whedon, you’ve probably already seen Firefly; if not, you must watch it immediately!

How I Met Your Mother

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8.4 IMDb score, stars Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Alyson Hannigan, Cobie Smulders & Neil Patrick Harris, Comedy & Romance, released in 2005, 9 seasons

How I Met Your Mother is set in both 2030 and 2005-onwards and is told with a series of flashbacks; Ted is telling his kids in 2030 how he met their mother back when he was in his 20s and lived above a bar in 2005. The series is hilarious, smart and original, and the five lead characters are all incredibly interesting and lovable.

Considered one of the best sitcoms of all time, if you’re after a good laugh, make sure you watch How I Met Your Mother (and NOT its spinoff How I Met Your Father).

Lie To Me

Image Credit: 20th Television

8.0 IMDb score, stars Tim Roth, Kelli Williams & Brendan Hines, Crime, Drama & Mystery, released in 2009, 3 seasons

Dr Cal Lightman is the world’s leading deception researcher and can determine whether someone’s lying by looking at their facial expressions and body language. Lightman has his own consulting firm which is regularly hired by the FBI, police, etc. to help with various cases.

Sure, Lie To Me has a novel premise but it’s a classic and enjoyable procedural show; perfect for lovers of Law & Order.


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8.4 IMDb score, stars Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Terry O’Quinn & Josh Holloway, co-created by J.J. Abrams, Adventure, Drama & Fantasy, released in 2004, 6 seasons

Lost follows the survivors of flight Oceanic 815 – a plane that crashes on a mysterious island. The series is incredibly compelling and features some stellar acting performances as well as perfectly-executed poignant scenes (“Not Penny’s Boat”, for example). Sure, Lost has a reputation for having the worst ending of all time, but I actually think it was pretty good…

Yes, the quality dips slightly in the last two seasons but Lost is still worth your time – the first few seasons are flawless – and the series should be given a second chance; so, go watch it.

Save Our Squad with David Beckham

Image Credit: Disney Plus

7.3 IMDb score, stars David Beckham, released in 2022, 1 season

David Beckham, arguably one of the most famous footballers to have ever played the beautiful game, returns home to London from his home in Miami, to mentor a struggling East London Club, Westward Boys. The team play in the league where David himself began his football career and so it will always hold a special place in his heart.

We think it’s fair to say Beckham doesn’t always posses the charisma one would expect of a world-famous megastar, and that carries through in this mini-series. In fact, we’d go as far to say it’s the the U14 boy’s team that really carries the show, primarily thanks to their sheer innocence and authenticity when they realise who it is that’s going to “save their squad.”

The Mandalorian

Image Credit: Disney Platform Distribution

8.8 IMDb score, stars Pedro Pascal, Carl Weathers & Barry Lowin, created by Jon Favreau, Action, Adventure & Fantasy, released in 2019, 2 seasons

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve heard of Baby Yoda. Well, The Mandalorian is the show that introduced Baby Yoda to the world. If you’re a Star Wars fan, The Mandalorian is a must-watch; action-packed and with smart story-telling.

Even if you’re not a Star Wars fan you’ll enjoy The Mandalorian, just not to the same degree as someone who understands all the lore.

The Old Man

Image Credit: Disney

7.9 IMDb score, stars Jeff Bridges & John Lithgow, Action, Drama & Thriller, released in 2022, 1 season

When an assassin attempts to kill former CIA officer, Dan Chase, who’s been off the grid for years, Chase is forced out into the open. This sets off FBI agent Harold Harper into motion and he begins to hunt Chase down.

Thrilling, action-packed and with fantastic performances, especially from Bridges and Lithgow, The Old Man is simply a must-watch.

Only Murders In The Building

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8.1 IMDb score, stars Steve Martin, Martin Short & Selena Gomez, Comedy, Crime & Drama, released in 2021, 1 season

Three true-crime podcast lovers team up and create their own when a murder takes place in their building. Extremely fresh, slightly quirky and with the excellent combination of Martin, Short & Gomez, Only Murders In The Building is phenomenal and a must-watch.

If you’re a fan of Martin, Short, Gomez or crime-comedies (like Brooklyn Nine-Nine), you’ll love Only Murders In The Building.


Image Credit: Disney-ABC Domestic Television

8.4 IMDb score, stars Zach Braff, Donald Faison, Sarah Chalke, Judy Reyes, John C. McGinley & Neil Flynn, Comedy & Drama, released in 2001, 9 seasons

Scrubs follows JD, an intern doctor at Sacred Heart Hospital, as he learns about medicine, friendship and life. Extremely funny and very relatable – despite the fact that most of the main characters are doctors – Scrubs is considered one of the best comedies of all time for a reason.

If you’re after a good chuckle, add Scrubs to your watch list; although don’t watch the last season – most fans agree the show ended with Season 8.

The Simpsons

Image Credit: 20th Television

8.7 IMDb score, stars Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartright & Yeardley Smith, Animation & Comedy, released in 1989, 33 seasons

Does The Simpsons really need an introduction? Pretty much everyone on planet Earth has heard of this yellow animated family from Springfield. If you’re after a hit of nostalgia and some good laughs, make sure you add The Simpsons to your watch list.

If you’re after pure comedy, most fans agree the golden sweet spot of The Simpsons are seasons 3 to 8 but the first two seasons are still good (despite the show is still clearly getting its footing) and later seasons are hit and miss (but the hits are home runs).

Sons Of Anarchy

Image Credit: 20th Television

8.6 IMDb score, stars Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal & Mark Boone Junior, Crime, Drama & Thriller, released in 2008, 7 seasons

Sons Of Anarchy focuses on the SAMCRO motorcycle gang and its VP, Jax. When Jax discovers that his late father had different plans for the gang – less criminally involved and violent – he struggles with wanting to make the gang better and his loyalty to his gang members; who like the SAMCRO gang the way it is.

Sons Of Anarchy has an extremely well-written plot and storyline, and features one of the best ensemble casts to ever grace the silver screen; if you’re after a solid but manly drama, this is the show for you.


Image Credit: Marvel Studios

8.0 IMDb score, stars Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany & Kathryn Hahn, Action, Comedy & Drama, released in 2021, 1 season

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) branched out into the world of television for the first time in 2021 and oh boy, did it start with a bang. WandaVision is the most interesting and original thing the MCU has done in years and the show is clever, funny and extremely compelling as you try to figure out what the hell is going on. Plus Olsen’s acting is next-level good.

If you’re not an MCU fan, you definitely need to watch MCU films Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Endgame (which you can do so on Disney+) to understand elements of WandaVision but trust me, WandaVision is so worth it.

Welcome to Wrexham

Image Credit: Disney Plus

8.3 IMDb score, stars Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney, released in 2022, 1 season

When Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney took over as owners of the little-known English National League football team, Wrexham AFC, it sent shockwaves through the entire football community. This documentary follows the two stars from their initial negotiations, all the way through to taking the team to their first Wembley final.

You also hear from Wrexham fans and those heavily involved with the club, and you finish the series unable to not have a soft spot for them. A funny, heartwarming and wholesome documentary that is a joy to watch from start to finish.


Image Credit: 20th Television

8.4 IMDb score, stars ​​Kiefer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub & Carlos Bernard, Action, Crime & Drama, released in 2001, 8 seasons

An incredible concept, each season of 24 takes place over one twenty-four hour period; meaning throughout the course of 8 seasons, you only see eight days on screen. The series follows Jack Bauer, a counterterrorism agent, who is played to perfection by Sutherland.

Overall, 24 is thrilling and fast-paced; perfect for thriller and crime-drama lovers.

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