Chris Hemsworth Leaves Internet Shook With Insane ‘Extraction 2’ Rig

Back, and bigger than ever.

Chris Hemsworth Leaves Internet Shook With Insane ‘Extraction 2’ Rig

Just four months after Australian movie megastar Chris Hemsworth unveiled arms so huge, they practically defied the laws of physics and would have even had The Rock scared that somebody was coming for his crown, the Australian poster boy has posted yet another picture, showing himself look tougher than ever. 

When you’re someone like Chris Hemsworth, always being typecast as the burly, macho man in movies, you can never take a day off from training. No sooner had he finished shooting for the latest instalment in the Thor movie franchise, Chris was back to work preparing himself for the upcoming sequel to the hit Netflix movieExtraction. 

Reprising his role as Tyler Rake, a former SASR operator turned black ops mercenary, Chris has to ensure he looks the part, and judging by his latest Instagram post, we’d say he more than fits the bill. Performing a cable fly in the image, a must-do move for anyone wanting to build the size of their pecs, Chris looks huge, muscular and determined – words that he’s so often associated with. 

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Informing his audience in the caption that he’s six weeks away from the start of filming, Chris thanks his personal training team at Centr – the workout and nutrition app he’s developed alongside a host of fitness experts – for “giving me all the tools I need for a bulletproof rig.”

Perhaps this could insinuate he’ll be foregoing the kevlar bulletproof vests in the upcoming film, and using his abs of steel to deflect any incoming gunfire. 

Some of Chris’ friends and Hollywood colleagues were quick to comment on the image, with actor Daniel MacPherson joking, “Coming in overweight again I see,” while other users shared in their admiration for the thirst trap image, and cheering him on in his quest for serious strength.

Other Instagram users shared their thoughts too, expressing their amazement. Pertinent comments included: “EL MAS GUAPO” (THE MOST HANDSOME) and “wait but did you die?”

“Beast mode,” another Instagram user wrote. 

Chris hasn’t yet shared any other recent workouts, but in early September he unveiled a bodyweight workout, which he has also used to help him prepare for the film. You can view this brutal workout in the video below.

While Chris may have the time and resources available to train to a consistent schedule, you too can achieve a body similar to his, as many ‘average Joes’ who have followed the Centr workouts, can attest to. 

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