'Geometric Secret' To David Beckham's Perfect Hair, Explained By Professionals

"David is exceptionally lucky..."

'Geometric Secret' To David Beckham's Perfect Hair, Explained By Professionals

Some guys are able to look good anytime, anywhere. Even as soon as they rise out of bed, their bed hair is still more on point and stylish than the next guy’s. Luckily, there are myriad products and styling tips out there to allow most guys to achieve an impeccable look, dependent on how much effort they’re willing to put in.

It’s common for men to want to imitate their celebrity icons and sporting heroes, as these men who sit in the so-called upper echelons of mankind have the time and money to afford to keep themselves looking flawless day in, day out.

Such people include David Beckham. Becks has gone from a footballing icon, possessing one of the most valuable right feet to ever grace the game, to an international style icon. He can regularly be seen sitting front row at fashion shows, is constantly making fans swoon with his Instagram posts, and is essentially a walking style bible for the modern man.

While we could wax lyrical about his choice of fashion, it’s David’s hairstyles that can make just as many headlines, as rarely is there a single strand out of place. And, while it is theoretically easy and simple to copy his fashion choices (perhaps not the same brands, but at least taking inspiration), getting the same hair as Becks isn’t such an easy task.

A fan of the pompadour, David can regularly be seen with the sides of his hair faded, with the top being styled with a side-parting. An Instagram post on the @groomed.gentleman account shows the lengths needed to achieve the Beckham effect. But, can anyone replicate this look or does David simply have great genes? To find out, DMARGE spoke to Sydney barber shop owner Jacob Martin of Tate & Lyle, to get the full scoop.

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We first asked Jacob exactly that, would David’s precise fading and clipping work for everyone, or would it only work for certain face shapes and/or hair types.

“Everyone’s hair type is different so it is best to have a thorough and detailed consultation with your barber or stylist to see if this haircut will suit you. A barber/stylist should take into consideration your face shape, hair density, hair growth patterns, job and lifestyle (certain styles may not complement your personal style or be suitable for a corporate environment.”

“You need to have realistic expectations as unfortunately, certain hair types just cannot perform certain styles, but this can all be determined by your barber/stylist.”

On paper then, it could well be possible that you can achieve David’s haircut, but in reality, it might not be quite so straightforward? How so? You may think. It really could be down to David’s genetic makeup, although, as the hairstyles of some other famous faces prove, it’s all about knowing the lengths that will suit you.

“David is exceptionally lucky that not only does he have a face shape that allows him to pull off a variety of styles (only the cornrows have been a mistake) but his hair type, even though thinning, also allows him to have a diverse selection of lid trims”, Jacob explains.

“He has fine straight hair that can be easily crafted into different styles and even his natural hair colour helps to see the graduation of the fade.”

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David isn’t alone in this regard. As we mentioned at the beginning, some guys are just blessed with what we could consider to be ‘perfect hair’, but what exactly causes this?

“The main reason guys who always have good hair is they do have some genetic gifts that ensure an advantage, but they normally follow instructions from a barber and they keep up with regular hair appointments; generally 4-5 weeks, unless it’s a skin fade haircut, in which case the appointments would be more regular.”

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“They use salon-quality products that ensure a salon-quality finish (there’s a reason we use specific high-end products rather than high-street brands). The key to great hair is styling, so be sure to use a hairdryer to fix the hair into your desired shape, then use the cool setting to set it. This is very important as it smoothes the hair cuticles (ask for guidance so you can recreate the same look at home).”

“Also, lots of people overcompensate with hair product. Remember, less is more, extra can always be added.”

As for some other top tips to creating a Beckham like look, Jacob says you should always use products designed for your specific hair type (if you’re not entirely sure what sort of hair you have, ask your barber).

“Washed hair will always give better results when styling. Dirty hair with lots of product build-up can be hard to style, and if you have longer hair, replace your pillowcases with silk ones as they can help to reduce kinks.”

Ultimately, “don’t be afraid to ask your barber or stylist for tips and a demonstration to get salon results every time.”

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