What to wear with black jeans for men

What to wear with black jeans, explained.

What to wear with black jeans for men

Black jeans have been a wardrobe staple since the 1950’s, when Levi Strauss decided to update their classics. They took a pair of blue jeans, dyed them black and as they say: the rest is history. Fast forward to today and black jeans have become a dominant choice in both luxury and streetwear culture.

Brands like Saint Laurent, Balmain, Nudie and John Elliott have taken black denim basics and added their own washes, rips, cuts and flair. Regardless of your body shape, there’s probably a pair out there for you. Today we’re looking at how to style and what to wear with black jeans. Whether it’s for work, concerts or just a weekend lunch there are many ways to wear and style black jeans.

Now listen up and get your black on. Interesting fact: Elvis Presley first wore black jeans during the recording of Jailhouse Rock. The more you know… Anyway, here’s how to wear and style black jeans for any occasion.

Choose A Black Denim Style That Suits You

Regular / Relaxed Fit Black Denim

Not all men are created equal. Not all style is the same. If you’re breaking the trend and prefer loose fitting and relaxed denim then you’ll want to explore brands like Levi’s and Nudie. Wearing relaxed black jeans reduces the fashion-forward appearance of more workwear appearance. Think tough guy with boots working in the mines, getting on his Harley and blasting into the sunset.

Slim Fit Black Jeans

The slim cut in black denim is made for men with respectably sized legs and those who don’t want to look like a Swedish pop star. A slim cut is a great option if you want to wear black jeans with larger boots or sneakers. They will show off your slim legs but people won’t be able to count the coins in your pocket.

Skinny Fit Black Jeans

The choice of rockstars everywhere, skinny fit black jeans are only suitable for guys with slim legs. If you have big legs we recommend you do not go for this look, instead, opt for slim fit or relaxed. Skinny jeans do offer a sharper silhouette with blazers and shirts and they can even get you into smart-casual territory with the right look.

Distressed Black Jeans

Distressed and ripped black jeans have come back in a big way. John Elliott is the master of black Japanese denim, as too, are Saint Laurent. If you don’t have big money then hit up ASOS for a similar look. Just remember that ripped denim isn’t always suitable for work, business casual or smart casual events.

Quick tips for choosing the right black jeans

  • If you’re planning on travelling in your jeans; go for a softer washed denim. Your long haul ass will thank you.
  • The slimmer the jeans the easier they are to roll and make cuffs from.
  • Learn the pin roll.
  • Cheap jeans are perfectly acceptable.
  • Japanese denim tends to be more durable and better quality.
  • Always try jeans on before you buy, unless you know the brand and style.
  • Always choose a size smaller then you think you really need, denim will always give a little (Except stretch denim. That sh*t snaps back.)

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How To Wear Black Jeans

Black Jeans & A Blazer

The black jeans, t-shirt and blazer combination is the ultimate failsafe go-to look for the likes of superstars Justin Theroux, Chris Hemsworth and David Beckham. This combination works best with any cut of black denim, however, we recommend slim and skinny cuts. Sneakers or boots are acceptable footwear or clean luxury sneakers.

Black Jeans & A Denim Shirt (Travel Proof)

Black and blue denim as a combination work perfectly. What about the double denim I hear you say? Considering they’re different colours it’s perfectly okay. Choose any style of black jeans and pick up an affordable blue denim shirt from Zara. If the weather is cooler a t-shirt underneath is perfect too. Pair with boots or sneakers to complete the look. If you want to go with a black denim shirt, do it, but maybe think about pairing with a white t-shirt underneath the shirt.

Black Jeans & A Dress Shirt

It’s true, black jeans can be dressed up for smart-casual occasions. We recommend wearing dress shoes or boots, a belt and opting for a white or blue shirt. Complete the look with a well-fitted blazer, leather biker jacket or bomber jacket. Just ensure you’re wearing button cuffs as cufflinks are a big no-no.

Black Jeans & A Denim Jacket

Much like our black jeans and blue denim shirt combination, the denim jacket is also a simple go to. Blue, black and easy options. White or creme is a bit harder, so be careful. Paired with a t-shirt or even a casual shirt it will give your look some contrast. Once again finish off the look with white sneakers, or even brown and black boots. But please, no flip flops.

Black Jeans & A Leather Jacket

Black Jeans Leather Jacket

Arguably the most classic of looks. Pairing your black jeans with a black leather jacket is a no brainer. We recommend going for a leather biker jacket that’s well worn and well fitted. In some cases you may want to wear blue or brown suede with your black jeans. This is totally okay. Again, focus on the fit and you’ll be fine. Our go to brands for leather and suede jackets are AllSaints, Kooples and Saint Laurent.

What Shoes To Wear With Black Jeans

Black Jeans & Sneakers

Black jeans are the holy grail when it comes to sneakers fashion. White & black sneakers are your no brainer option to wear with black jeans. And yes, more colourful sneaker options and styles always work well with black jeans too. Adidas, New Balance and Nike’s will pop nicely with your black denim.

Black Jeans & The Right Footwear

Put simply, almost every kind of shoe (except Ugg boots) go with black jeans. That’s because they’re black… duh. That said here are a few fast rules we try to follow based on your style of jeans and footwear combination.

  • If you jeans are a touch long then Chelsea boots are a great option (leather and suede).
  • Sneakers always work – add a cuff roll to show off some ankle in summer. Just make sure they’re not too long.
  • Loafers – Yes, but the jeans need to be shorter in length.
  • Dress shoes (derby & oxfords), yes. Polished black is easy, brown a bit harder, blood red.. possibly.
  • Flip flips – Please don’t. It’s soooo 2010.

Black Denim Inspiration

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