What to wear with light grey jeans

The coolest ways to play with grey.

How To Wear Grey Jeans

Once the reserve of lanky hipsters and early 00s pop-rock bands, grey jeans are now enjoying a resurgence of sorts. Unlike their stove pipe predecessors though, the modern-day grey jean is an altogether more elegant iteration on denim.

Easily paired with either a plain tee or dressed up with a blazer and shirt, these are jeans that are made for any occasion. However, as is always the case with a wardrobe staple, there is a degree of discernment required in pulling grey jeans off. Here, we explain exactly how to wear grey jeans so that you’ll look your best on any given day.

How To Wear Grey Jeans With A T-Shirt

Jeans with a t-shirt is the ultimate in laid back elegance. Perfect for a lazy Sunday brunch, a trip to the pub or even a casual dinner; it’s an ensemble that will hold you in good stead. So why stick to your standard blue wash denim? Why not experiment with grey?

Grey jeans are perfect for when you’re looking for a slightly more elevated take on this classic outfit. Pair a straight leg pair of faded 501s with a burnt out cotton tee and some crisp Common Projects sneakers for a look that is the definition of understated cool.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with patterned or different coloured t-shirts either. A Breton stripe long sleeve tee is a great way to change things up whilst still maintaining a classic aesthetic. Alternatively, look at playing with washed out neutral shades and even complimentary greys for a strong monochrome look.

How To Wear Grey Jeans With A Blazer

If you’re needing to dress up a bit more, grey jeans are a great base for a shirt and blazer combination. Opt for a slim fit and a more charcoal based wash for the jeans, looking at pairing them with a black or navy linen-silk blend blazer and a crisp white shirt.

If the situation calls, add in a fun pocket square or even a lapel pin to give your monochrome look a pop of colour. Accents like blue or red give a sense of personality to your look and will ensure you stand out from the crowd.

You are in jeans after all so look for casual tailoring. Soft shoulders, patch pockets and no lining will ensure that your blazer feels in keeping with the more casual pants option. If the situation allows, even think about pairing it all back with a pair of sneakers for a seriously urban take on the classic blazer.

What Shoes To Wear With Grey Jeans

The sky is the limit when it comes to the shoes you pair with grey jeans.

Obviously, the go-to option is a pair of sneakers. Look at the likes of Common Projects, Oliver Cabell or Vans for cool comfort, focusing on some of their alternative colourways like blush or even black. Wear these with matching coloured socks or exposed ankles, rolling back the cuffs of your jeans for a cool cuffed jeans look.

In the cooler months, look at Chelsea boots as a slightly warmer option. Black leather or suede versions have the ability to elevate most jeans and are great if you’re headed to a slightly more formal occasion. Make sure that the hem of the jeans sits over the top of the boots with the tags tucked in.

How To Layer With Grey Jeans

When the mercury drops, a tee-shirt or shirt alone won’t cut it. Instead of shivering it out though, there are a number of layers you can add to keep warm but still maintain your cool.

First amongst them is the humble denim jacket. Double denim? You bet. The beauty of grey jeans is that you can acceptably pair them with a blue wash jacket without even a second glance. Layer the jacket over a black, unmarked hoodie with a pair of black suede Chelsea boots for an effortlessly urban outfit.

If double denim isn’t your thing, look at changing your look up with a bomber jacket. Worn over a tee-shirt or a white button-down, this jacket can be worn to slightly more formal venues. Just ensure that it’s a slim-line iteration of the style – not a bulky 80s fly jacket. For ultimate cool, opt for a satin bomber with embroidered detailing on the back, sneakers and a plain fitted tee.

What To Look For When Buying Grey Jeans

When buying grey jeans you’ve got two things to focus on; fit and wash. The fit should be based around how you want to wear them. Are they for lazy weekends? Go for a looser straight leg cut or even a bootcut. If they’re for something a little dressier, opt for slim cut styles that hug your legs and cut a more streamlined silhouette. Slim cuts are also easier to match with a jacket or button-down shirt.

In terms of colour, be mindful that it will usually fade after the first wash. This is worth keeping in mind if you’re going for a super light wash. There’s a fine line between a light-grey and a grubby looking white — take heed.