Rolex Federer Wears ‘The Rolex You Buy When You Can’t Buy Any Other Rolex’ To Wimbledon

An aficionado's choice.

Rolex Federer Wears ‘The Rolex You Buy When You Can’t Buy Any Other Rolex’ To Wimbledon


Roger Federer, as a Rolex ambassador, has long had the pick of the litter when it comes to watches from the coveted luxury brand. However, it seems his favourite Rolex, which he wore to Wimbledon yesterday, is one that’s often a second choice for many – yet it’s actually a favourite of mine…

He might have retired but tennis still can’t live without Roger Federer. The Swiss GOAT was in attendance for day two of The Championships Wimbledon 2023, seating in the Royal Box alongside Catherine, Princess of Wales and his wife Mirka Federer.

An eight-time winner of the men’s singles at the All England Club, Roger was honoured with a standing ovation by the crowds – as he bloody well deserves. He also looked appropriately royal in a dapper and sporting light brown suit and striped shirt.

Roger also wore his trusty Rolex Sky-Dweller for the occasion, which was an interesting choice. He’s previously saved his most outrageous and eye-catching watches for Wimbledon (like the off-catalogue, gem-studded Daytona ‘Orange’ he wore to Wimbledon last year) so this was a bit more of an understated choice for the champ.

Roger was all smiles in the Royal Box with Princess Kate.
Roger’s Rolex Sky-Dweller (ref. 336934-0005).

The Sky-Dweller is one of Rolex’s most distinctive and unusual models, as well as its most complicated. Rolex’s first and only annual calendar timepiece – which also happens to feature dual time zones – and is an interesting hybrid between a dress watch and a tool watch that’s often overlooked by Rolex buyers.

It’s proven to be a favourite among top athletes, with everyone from the NBA’s Giannis Antetokounmpo, golf’s Jon Rahm and Cristiano Ronaldo all fans of the watch. Other celebrities who own a Sky-Dweller include Drake, Tom Cruise and Jack Harlow.

Indeed, Roger actually owns multiple Sky-Dwellers, with the Swiss star seen wearing a rose gold example to Paris Fashion Week back in 2021. The one he wore to Wimbledon, a stainless steel and white gold model with a blue dial, retails for $23,200 AUD.

WATCH how the Rolex Sky-Dweller works below.

Despite the fact that Federer and other celebs love it, the Sky-Dweller is actually easier to get at retail than the vast majority of Rolex models, such as the GMT-Master, Submariner or Daytona. Dealers always have plenty of stock (well, relatively speaking). Perhaps this is because it’s not quite as well-known – or because it’s one of the biggest watches in Rolex’s repertoire, and therefore harder for some people to wear.

But if you’ve got a big enough wrist and an appreciation for high-end watchmaking, the Sky-Dweller might just be the Rollie for you. I know if I was ever in a position to get a Rolex, I’d probably get a Sky-Dweller. Maybe I’ll ask Roger for one of his spares…