5 Shows Like ‘Breaking Bad’ That Fans Will Also Love

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5 Shows Like ‘Breaking Bad’ That Fans Will Also Love

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Breaking Bad is nothing short of iconic. For five seasons, watching Walter White transform from a chemistry high school teacher battling cancer to a certified bad-ass methamphetamine manufacturer was truly gripping.

If you’ve watched the series and wish you could find something just as captivating, you’re in luck as we’ve done the research and put in the ‘hard’ yards watching hours of content (while snacking on popcorn) for you.

So without further ado, if you love Breaking Bad, here are five shows you need to check out.

Better Call Saul

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8.8 IMDb score, stars Bob Odenkirk, Crime & Drama, released in 2015, 6 seasons

This one’s kind of a no-brainer. Better Call Saul is a Breaking Bad prequel/spinoff that focuses on fan-favourite character Saul Goodman. The show was co-created by Vince Gilligan, who created Breaking Bad, and it explores how Saul, who used to be known as Jimmy McGill, became the criminal lawyer we know and love from Breaking Bad.

Critically acclaimed with exceptional performances, especially from Bob Odenkirk, if you’re a Breaking Bad fan who hasn’t yet watched Better Call Saul, get to it!

Where To Watch: Stan


Image Credit: FX

​​8.9 IMDb score, stars Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Freeman, Kirsten Dunst, Patrick Wilson, Jesse Plemons, Ted Danson, Ewan McGregor, David Thewlis & Chris Rock, Crime, Drama & Black Comedy, released in 2014, 5 seasons

Fargo is an anthology series meaning each season is set in different eras and locations with different characters and plotlines. However, each season is of the crime drama genre with elements of black comedy – just like Breaking Bad.

Each season also has a compelling story with twists and turns galore. Oh, and the cast list is mighty impressive.

Where To Watch: Stan and/or Netflix


Image Credit: Netflix

8.4 IMDb score, stars Jason Bateman & Laura Linney, Crime, Drama & Thriller, released in 2017, 4 seasons

Ozark is similar to Breaking Bad for a few reasons. First of all, it’s a well-written drama with elements of dark comedy. Plus, its main character, Marty Byrde, is like Walt – a family man engaging in criminal behaviour.

It’s enjoyable to watch Marty walk the fine line between criminal and good father, as it’s a comparable journey to Walt’s and because Jason Bateman does a heck of a job playing the character.

Where To Watch: Netflix

Sons of Anarchy

Image Credit: FX

8.6 IMDb score, stars Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal & Mark Boone Junior, Crime, Drama & Thriller, released in 2008, 7 seasons

Sons of Anarchy has a complicated family dynamic, which is obviously similar to Breaking Bad. The series follows Jax, the vice-president of a motorcycle gang, who clashes with his fellow gang members when he discovers his late father wanted the gang to become less criminally involved and violent and therefore, tries to change the gang.

Every cast member turns in powerful performances and the storyline is extremely well-written. You’ll definitely like Sons of Anarchy if you’re a Breaking Bad fan.

Where To Watch: Disney+, Binge and/or Foxtel Now

The Wire

Image Credit: HBO

9.3 IMDb score, stars Dominic West, Lance Reddick & Sonja Sohn, Crime, Drama & Thriller, released in 2002, 5 seasons

The Wire explores the Baltimore drug scene which is obviously similar to Breaking Bad which highlights the meth drug scene in Albuquerque. The show is told from the point of view of both policemen and drug gang members, which ultimately challenges the traditional definitions of ‘good’ and ‘bad’.

With masterful storytelling and exceptional performances from the entire cast, The Wire is a must-watch for Breaking Bad lovers.

Where To Watch: Binge and/or Foxtel Now

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