The Best Summer Hairstyles For Men

Mens Summer Hairstyles

The heat is on for the latest men’s summer hairstyles with countless options to pick from when it comes to cut and style limited only by one’s mood, natural hair type and lifestyle.

Hotter still, we caught up with hairstylist Sam Overton, style director at Cleveland’s salon, Adam Walmsley, and the hair care team at Mens Biz, to get the latest in summer hair trends for 2016.

As well as how to style them with a lot more ‘tsss’ in the scorching season ahead.

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What To Expect This Summer

The good thing about summer hair, is that you can adopt warm weather locks, even before the heat really turns on. And there’s a change in the air: expect to see a shift from the rigid retro styling of barbers in the forties and fifties to that of the relaxed, free-spirited textures of the seventies and nineties.

“Harder edges are softening and hair length is being grown,” says Adam Walmsley of Sydney’s Cleveland’s salon. “It’s a natural reaction to what has been the status quo for the last 5 or 6 years.”

#1 Textured Crop

Starting with 2016’s easiest hair trend for summer, the textured crop is for gent who seeks style – sans fuss. “Think British lad meets modern day,” says the Mens Biz crew. The cut is shorter around the sides and back often clippers down to a skin fade.

Then, the top is blended in and left with shorter choppy lengths while leaving some extra length towards the front. “It requires regular haircuts would be required to keep the back and sides looking sharp,” says Mens Biz, making this style look smart yet edgy in the office and sporty on weekends.

How To Get It

Apply salt spray to towel dried hair and blow-dry it through. Then, use a clay product to style the finish look. “Don’t be a perfectionist about it,” says Overton. “Put the clay in, run your hands through it and leave it. Less is more.”

Powders and texture creams work well in this style too. “It is best styled loosely with fingers enhancing the choppy texture,” adds MensBiz.

#2 Textured Quiff

The rockabilly quiff a la James Dean has certainly made a comeback. Height-y and bold, it’s practically the new beard for men, but switched around — and it’s set to remain big throughout 2016. It’s all in the cut, which kicks the quiff off, says the Mens Biz crew.

“The cut should be keep short on the back and sides with more length left on top, at least a few inches. “And get regular cuts, every 3 to 4 weeks.”

How To Get It

The texture quiff is all about lighter hold and flexibility. “Take a 5 cent-size amount of gel in your hand and apply it to towel dried hair,” says Overton. “Now, blow dry the hair and then apply some texturising paste. This will hold the shape as well as creating texture.”

Want a work-ready sleek look? Prep the quiff with rounded brush and “opt for a medium hold pomade,” says Mens Biz.

#3 Side Part

Dressed in cocktail attire? Or planning to attend a black tie event? The side part is your formal attire hair style for 2016. Get your hair cut to a medium length on top with faded sides, says Mens Biz, going with your existing part line or for a younger look, etching in a part using a razor.

This haircut can be adapted to suit most hair types, even curly – going for a side parted style leaving more length on top, “to emphasise the curls,” says the team.

The alternative is the ‘soft’ part: “One that isn’t to defined by strong hold products or shaved lines but one that works with the natural growth of the hair,” adds Walmsley.

How To Get It

Smooth cream or gel in towel dried hair. “Then, use a comb while blowdrying to rake the hair in place,” says Overton. To finish, apply a pomade, which offers a light hold with some shine. “This will give you that really classic look and shape you’re looking for.”

For a soft part, look to lighter products, says Walmsley: “I suggest moving from the strong hold clays and waxes and use pliable creams and paste that retain more natural textures.”

#4 Mid-Length

‘Long hair, don’t care’? Try a mid-length style. But, both patience and endurance is required to get the right length. From hair that is beach-y and tucked behind the ears, to brushed hair that is tied back and business appropriate, growing your hair is certainly worth it, according to Mens Biz. “Longer styles can make you stand out and show your your individuality in a world full of fades.”

While hair health is more important than shorter styles — “purchase a good shampoo and conditioner,” says Mens Biz — long haired lads get to visit the barber less often, “every 8 to 10 week is rough guide to maintain the cut.”
How To Get It: For something beach-esque, apply “salt spray to towel dried hair, or a dry shampoo or texture spray to dry hair,” says Overton. Meanwhile, invest in a long hair, girlfriend grooming hack, says Mensbiz. “A hairdryer is an essential tool to speed up drying times during the work week.”

#5 Peaky Blinder

Arguably 2016’s newest, on-trend hairstyle for men is the peaky blinder. Taken from the Netflix series of the same name, the post-military 1920’s short-back-and-sides-cum-bowl cut is tough yet classic, sharp yet low maintenance, easy going yet aggressive, says Overton.

The Peaky Blinders cut is short-back-and-sides meets bowl cut and draws directly from the post-military crew cuts of the early 1920s. Think super short sides, barely blended and a slight disconnection toward the top. Then, it’s cut evenly all around, designed to be worn easily with hat. Or so the folklore goes.

How To Get It

Apply serum or gel to towel dried hair. “Then use a comb or small paddle brush and blow-dry slick, working backwards away from the face and flat to the scalp,” prescribes Overton. To finish and hold the hair in place, use wax. “Opt for a bees wax-based product or pomade with high shine and light hold.”