How To Get Johannes Huebl's Style

One can be forgiven for not knowing about Johannes Huebl style. The dapper half of fashionista Olivia Palermo, Huebl rose to fame in recent years when he moved from his home nation of Germany to NY as a professional – well, model, idiot. But with a degree in Applied Cultural Science, the classic gent has a brain.

Now a photographer and shoe designer, the 27-year-old has a killer personal style that puts every other Fifth Avenue swank and Wall Street suit to shame. Think Johannes Huebl style can’t be any sharper? He’s also the brand ambassador for Royal Salute whisky. Bottoms up.

Breaking It Down: Johannes Huebl Style

johannes huebl style

For Huebl, style is set by the little nuances that one puts into tailoring. It’s when he feels the best about himself, knowing his outfit has been personally made or altered, just for him. The key to Johannes Huebl style then, which is overwhelmingly great, is actually simple; a classic watch, a down-played lapel pin, or micro-patterned pocket square to bring out the brilliance of a perfect fit suit or coat.

Just don’t ask him to wear thongs (flip-flops for our American readers) or a summer scarf. And although Huebl ventures the streets of Brooklyn, you’ll never catch him dressing like a hipster. In the wise words of Huebl in a recent Mr Porter interview: “Fashion is the basis from which you can choose from, but style is what you make of it.” Amen, to that.

Laid Back Chic

johannes huebl style

From his boarding school days in Ireland, Huebl learned the art of suiting. Like a staple uniform, Huebl in jacket and trouser is when he feels the most comfortable, and stylish. The model works this look best, laid-back – finding an excuse to wear tailoring to the park, strolling down the Manhattan street (always Palermo by his side) and to the grocery store.  No-tie is one example, while snubbing traditional navy, black and brown, for olive, oxblood or cream-coloured suiting, is a second example. But with Huebl, the fit is always consistent. Slim and snug – none of this oversized business.

Button Shirt, Any time

johannes huebl style

Once the suit has been sorted, Huebl goes straight to the shirt. Depending on the occasion, Huebl’s shirts are done up to the top of his throat or left open. The former is sharper and strikes a confident blow to sloppiness, particularly when tucked under a dark, moody suit. The latter is much more relaxed, summer-ready, even. But Huebl never unbuttons more than three buttons down – man cleavage is not in this German’s vocabulary.

Vintage Denim

johannes huebl style

Huebl has a penchant for natural fibers. Wearing double denim long before the trendy gents at Pitti Uomo 87, Huebl sports classic denim shirts (never the ragged, distressed type) over vintage wash jeans. Sprucing things up, the entrepreneur dons a double-breasted navy blazer over relaxed fit denim. The suede derby shoes make this A-ok for smart casual events, and mirror-lensed sunnies bring it back to laid-back chic, once more.

The Only Way Is Down

johannes huebl style

To protect against New York’s on-season Polar Vortex, Huebl has learned that some duck-feathered down, runs the best in this wintry town. Typically outerwear, (that looks like you’re about the slopes), Huebl down plays the satiny, puffer jacket in the form as a gilet vest, which he layers sublimely under a quilted pea or mac coat.

Mr Bright Stride

johannes huebl style

Seasonal weight chinos in a slim fit are like a second skin for Huebl. But wait, there’s more. Olive, sky blue, cream and vermillion – its the colour in the chinos that make Huebl’s key look. Whether he’s en route to a shoot or attending a summer event with Palermo, this colour-wheel chinos in solid cotton offer the perfect balance of casual and formal. Huebl’s stride is made all the brighter with his self-designed loafers – coloured, sure – but the tassels are what tussle-up a great look, making it superb.

Key Huebl Fashion Items


Huebl goes back to Germany to get his suits custom-made by Hamburg tailor Marc Anthony. Otherwise, you’ll catch him in something off-the-rack (always altered to ensure fit) by Valentino.


When he’s not in luxurious trouser separates, Huebl wears trans-seasonal, midweight chinos from either Incotex or Closed.  Apart from his skinny Prada jeans in dark washed-out grey, find the model in vintage wash Herman or old faithful Levis.


When off-duty from suits, a dark brown bomber leather jacket from Closed is Huebl’s first choice. Keeping things military smart, a double- layered blazer from Corneliani, with buttons that run up all the way to the lapel, are best.


Huebl wear loafers from his capsule collection for the Italian shoe company Scarosso. Otherwise, find him in Crockett & Jones.


Carry man-things in a postman’s lock bag by Mulberry – just like Huebl, while this gentlemen’s watch of choice is the Rolex or a rose gold A. Lange & Söhne.

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