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Take Back Your Embarrassing Texts With This New App

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We’ve all been there. That soul-destroying moment when you realised you’ve just sent an incredibly embarrassing text. Whether you’ve sent the wrong thing to the wrong person, you’ve gone on a drunken text rampage, or you’ve just fallen victim to the evil clutches of autocorrect, it’s never a good look.

Luckily, Maci Peterson experienced her very own texting blunder when she sent her ex-boyfriend a message that read “Hey, sorry, I keep missing your calls”. When it got autocorrected to “Hey, sorry, I keep missing your balls” she decided it was round about time there was an app to avoid this kind of embarrassment.

Cue On Second Thought, an app that lets you set a delay of up to a minute on a text, allowing you to swipe the text back and interrupt sending it in case you have second thoughts about what you’re about to send.


Users can also set a curfew that will hold texts until the next morning. Perfect for those of us who are prone to a drunk message, or ten.

Since it launched in 2014, On Second Thought has been running mostly on funding from friends but already has 67,000 users spread throughout 200 countries. Clearly sending embarrassing texts is a worldwide epidemic. If you’re guilty of regretful texting we recommend getting familiar with On Second Thought before you’ve burnt all your bridges.

[via Inc.]


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