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This Simple Investment In Your Personal Style Is The Secret To Making A Lasting Impression

First impressions last a lifetime, so make it count.

Amongst the endless list of priorities for the modern male, ‘style’ is often a word left to  those with too much time and money. Celebrities. Influencer types. A minority who like to prioritise looks over substance. Style is not for the average man, so it’s often said.

Jeff Lack is the man who wants to prove you wrong. The Australian stylist who is one of the most influential experts in the local scene believes that a one’s personal style equates to success and ultimately his own self confidence, a skill which every man has the right to master as part of their journey towards greatness.

For one day only, Lack will be revealing decades of industry experience to show men the secrets of dressing to make a positive impression on anyone.

The style masterclass will show men exactly what they need to know when it comes to making the right first impression for any occasion, whether it’s that life-changing job interview, that punching-above-your-weight date or a fancy social event. There are no limits when it comes to mastering your personal style, just handy tips and tricks that revolve around the biggest menswear mysteries:

  • Which colours suit my look and personality best?
  • How to dress well and look sharp for my body shape?
  • How to make the most of my personal style?
  • How to invest in my wardrobe without wasting money?
  • How to get multiple looks from a single outfit?
  • How to decipher event dress codes?

Why do men need the answers to such questions? Because first impressions last a lifetime, so make it count.

Jeff Lack’s Men’s Style Masterclass will be held in Sydney on Saturday the 7th of September.




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