This Environmentally Friendly Men’s Parka Will Ensure You Beat The Winter Chill

We have all become a little bit more aware of how and where our clothing is being made. A few brands have really stepped up to the plate and built trust in delivering high-quality, low environmental impact products that promote responsible economic development – brands such as Frank And Oak.

Nothing personifies their innovative, modern design approach more than The Capital Waterproof Parka, which uses 60% recycled polyesters to create a classic looking jacket, set to be one of the Canadian brand’s most sought after pieces this season.

A two-way breathable layer allows you to stay warm without overheating, taking moisture away from your core, keeping you snug and dry even when you’re on the move. A full closure zip with magnet closings block out cutting winter winds, whilst a neoprene collar stops heat escaping from around your neck –  helping you maintain your natural body temperature.

This elegant parka more than stands up against winter chills and will keep you cosy in temperatures as low as -30° / -22 F. So, whether you’re flitting around the city for a spot of Christmas shopping or up in the mountains for a family skiing trip, you’ll stay looking sharp whilst feeling warm. Not quite a ski jacket, but it will work.

It comes in black, green, and grey so you’re covered on all spectrums.

Shop The Capital Parka $499 USD

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