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Sharpen Up Your Kitchen With This $200 Japanese Knife Set & Stand

Mustard will be cut.

When it comes to cooking there are various skills that are simple and some others that are a little more difficult. Chopping might seem like an easy skill, but have you ever tried cutting a few days old tomato with a blunt knife? If you have, you’ll realise how difficult it can be to cut something without the proper equipment. If you haven’t experienced a moment where your knives didn’t cut the mustard (pardon the pun), it’s beyond frustrating as a seemingly simple task is anything but. To mitigate any kitchen disasters, you’re going to need to invest in some quality knives and Material’s three knife set and stand set is just the place to start. 

The knives themselves are made from three layers of Japanese stainless steel, so they’re razor-sharp out of the box and can easily be sharpened in the future. The set includes an 8-inch ‘Chefs knife’, a 6-inch serrated knife and a 4-inch paring knife, to cover any cutting situation you might encounter in the kitchen. Additionally, the set includes a wooden stand that can hold all three knives as well as a few more magnetically. Oh and, it looks great. 

Priced at $200, it’s pretty reasonable for three knives and a stand especially when you consider it will both help you up your cooking game and look great in your kitchen – it’s an easy investment that will pay dividends for years if not decades to come. 

Shop The 3 Knife + Stand Set $200

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