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Score This Stylish Ralph Lauren Beanie For An Absolute Steal


Winter is slowly starting to grip the weather, so you’d better start dressing appropriately. Our bodies are ultimately designed for survival and when the temperature starts to drop, it prioritises blood flow to important areas and subsequently you extremities get bloody cold. Your ears are one such extremity that is often overlooked and often end up icicled after any outing, but score yourself this epic Polo Ralph Lauren beanie and your ears will be icicled no more.

Made from a chunky wool-blend ribbed fabric, the sportsman beanie will keep your head toasty warm in any conditions. Available in grey, black or green you’re bound to find a colour to suit your wardrobe, but no matter what colour you go for the beanie features a Polo Sportsman patch that looks akin to something you might find on a Canada Goose product. Currently on sale for $40, 20% off it’s $58 retail price, its the perfect time to prepare yourself for the winter cold with this stylish beanie.

Shop Polo Ralph Lauren Sportsman Beanie $58 $40

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