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This Italian Designed Automatic Timex Might Be Their Best Watch Ever


Ever since its inception in 1854, Timex has won the hearts of thousands worldwide. They have built a reputation for producing watches that are not only affordable and durable but also stylish. Whilst there is an array of ‘affordable’ watches out there, no one does them quite like Timex. To honour their long heritage, Timex recently commissioned their Milanese based designer Giorgio Galli to design the most ‘Timex’ Timex ever made. The brief was simple: create a watch that was affordable and high quality with a great design…boy did Giorgio deliver. 

Meet the Giorgio Galli S1 Automatic, a watch that honours Timex’s past and builds on their future. In recent years Timex has been getting serious about their automatic watch offering, and the S1 features one of their most accurate movements to date. By no means is the S1 all function and no form, the stainless steel case is one of the most elegant and unique pieces we’ve seen in recent times from any watch brand and its unique ‘cut out’ section on the lugs and case helps the watch stand out from the crowd. This ‘cut out’ design feature is also mimicked on the rubber strap, which itself has a unique system of holding the strap in place. Overall you can see that Giorgio took his time to create not only an elegant and sophisticated watch, but also a watch that is distinct and unique in a market that is flooded with imitation. 

Whether you’re at work or out for coffee, the S1 will look great in any situation, blending in but standing out upon closer inspection. Priced at $450, it isn’t the cheapest Timex, however, it can be considered their ‘top of the line’ featuring their finest design, highest quality materials and most accurate movement. Functionality and quality aside, the design itself is worth much more than the asking price. 

Shop Timex Giorgio Galli S1 Automatic $450

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