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This $55 Grooming Accessory Will Take You A Step Closer To Your James Bond Fantasy

The name’s Bond, James Bond.

If you’re into James Bond (who isn’t), you’ve probably finished watching one of the films and thought, ‘I wish I was more like James Bond.’ We’ve all done it and – to be fair – what’s not to love? He’s charming, dresses immaculately and always gets the girl. No doubt you’ve looked into some of his clothing or developing some of the skills he has soon to realise they’re ridiculously expensive or take years of training to master. So how can you bring a little Bond into your life without breaking the bank or devoting all of your extra time to mastering sailing. Well, this Floris NO. 89 shave soap and bowl, is your ticket to the beginning of your real-life James Bond fantasy.

I recognise that a shave bowl and soap isn’t all that exciting or seemingly Bond-like, but hear me out. No doubt you’ve seen Skyfall and probably remember the scene where Moneypenny helps Bond shave in Macau before he heads to the casino. Well, Floris NO. 89 is the exact shave soap and bowl that’s featured in that scene.

The bowl itself is made from a gorgeous, dark wood that itself is a piece of art. Lining it is a shaving soap made from a selection of essential oils that create a rich, creamy lather to help your blade get the perfect cut. Beyond the bowl and soap itself, it’s Bond in every sense – made in England, elegant and somewhat old fashioned. The scene it is featured in brings together all of the qualities we love about Bond; charming, refined and skilful making the bowl represent something more than meets the eye. Priced at $55, it’s a small amount for something that can both be used and has intangible value.

Shop Floris London NO. 89 Shave Bowl & Soap $55

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