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These $110 Men’s Loafers Are The Timeless Essential Every Man Needs

Essential by every definition.

In today’s consumption focused society there’s a multitude of men’s wardrobe ‘must-haves’. The reality is that many of them serve a singular, unimportant role. At the core of a great menswear ‘essential’ is versatility and quality. Why? you ask? Well, an essential should be a cornerstone in your wardrobe, something you can turn to and wear regularly, with anything and if you’re going to wear it regularly you’ll want it to last. One such item that doesn’t get the attention it deserves is the humble penny loafer and none is a better value than the GH Bass Larson Weejuns.

GH Bass has been making the Larson since 1936, which is a testament to it’s timeless, classic style. Available in black, brown and burgundy,  you’ll find a colour to suit your wardrobe and personality. The key to the success of the Larson has been its versatility. Whether you want to pair them with a suit or some jeans and a t-shirt, you’ll always look sharper than the guy next to you. On one hand, they might be something you’ve seen your dad wear, but on the other, there is something so effortlessly cool about being able to rock them. 

They’re priced at $110; a bargain, especially when you consider they’re handmade from genuine leather. The Larson is the perfect investment for the gent who’s looking for a wardrobe staple that will lift his style game.

Shop GH Bass Larson Weejuns $110

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