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These $200 Wireless Earbuds Are The Perfect Alternative To AirPods

Better in almost every single way.

Apple’s Airpods have been phenomenally successful. Based on revenue figures alone, if Apple was to sell Airpods as a standalone business, it would generate $8 billion in revenue each year and would be a Fortune 500 company. That’s how successful Airpods have been, but are they truly the cream of the crop? It’s great that they are so easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and sounds great, but is there something better out there? We think so and they come in the form of Master and Dynamics MW07 Go.

Priced at $200, they’ll set you back the same as with the wireless charging case and also feature the same Bluetooth 5.0 technology that keeps both earbuds in sync. So, what sets the MW07 Go apart? Well unlike the Airpods they have an IPX6 water resistance rating meaning they can be used in harsher conditions. They also have fifteen different fits meaning they’ll probably fit your ears better than the ‘one size fits all’ Airpods. If you thought the Airpods five hours of listening time was good, the MW07 Go’s will last for 10 hours. Impressive, hey.

The real stand out though is the sound quality, the MW07 Go’s feature a 10mm Beryllium driver which arguably provides a better sounds quality than the Airpods., audio and headphones experts rated the sound quality of the MW07 Go’s at 9.7/10, contrast this to their 7.3/10 rating for the Airpods. All in all, the MW07 Go’s are definitely superior to the Airpods. They’re the same price but feature water resistance, a better fit and they sound far superior. Personally, I also think they look cooler in any of the four colours and no doubt they’ll help you stand out for all the right reasons.

Shop Master and Dynamic MW07 Go $200

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