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Score 25% Off This Tough & Stylish Titanium Field Watch

Rugged style and the capability to match.

Let’s face it. Most premium watches are babied even though they’re a tool to be used. It’s a familiar routine: Mowing the lawn? Take it off. Going for a swim? Take it off. Going to the gym? You get the point.

It’s a shame that some nice watches aren’t able to handle most of the things we do on a daily basis because they’re relegated to special occasions like your dad’s second marriage. There is one such quality watch that is capable of everything you could throw at it though and it laughs in the face of fragility. It’s called the Bertucci A-2T Super Classic and it can be yours for only $200.

The watch features military-style cues and its quartz movement is made in Japan. It also features a water resistance rating of 200m, a date function, nylon strap, a screw-down crown and a nearly indestructible titanium case. These features enable it to go pretty well anywhere and do anything without worry of damaging it.

Whilst it might not be the most ‘on-trend’ watch design, its simplistic style has a sense of timelessness to it and with some wear, scratches and dings, it would add a whole lot of character. At $200 it’s capable as all hell and will go with you, wherever you go. 

Shop Bertucci A-2T Super Classic  $200

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