This $50 Miansai Bracelet Is The Simplest Style Upgrade You'll Find This Year

Looking good never came so easy.

When it comes to making style upgrades, there are obvious moves such as teaming clean, minimalist sneakers with chinos or well-fitting jeans. If you’re wearing similar shades, you could experiment with various materials and textures, and of course, there’s the watch your wear on the wrist.

But these upgrades do require some train of thought. For outright simplicity, you can’t go wrong with this $50 Miansai rope bracelet. Miansai is a Miami-based jewellery brand founded by Michael Saiger in 2008, that has quickly become a tour de force within the world of jewellery, particularly for its men’s collections.

We’re well aware that for some time, the idea of men wearing jewellery was frowned upon, but those days are well in the past, and if you’re looking to make your first steps into accessorising, Miansai is a brand you need to know.

Case in point is this bungee rope bracelet, which can be had in any of three colours: black, cobalt blue or off-white with red and blue detailing. The two ends are connected by one hand-casted sterling silver flat bead, which serves to make it incredibly easy to adjust the size of the bracelet to fit your wrist.

The slim nature of the rope that’s used means it isn’t in your face, making it perhaps the most subtle and simple style upgrade you’ll find this year.

But The Miansai Orson Pull Bungee Rope Bracelet $50

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