St Hugo Just Solved Every Australians’ Biggest Wine Problem

Bring a world-class winery into your home.

Australians and wine go together hand-in-hand, but there is a difference between stocking up on a few bottles of your favourite varietal and creating what can be considered a perfect wine collection.

St Hugo, one of the leading wineries in Australia’s famed Barossa Valley, has just launched a new service to make building your own wine collection an absolute breeze.

As soon as you buy a bottle of wine from St Hugo’s Fine and Rare Collection you’ll be contacted by the company’s very own Cellaring Concierge who will consult with you to find out what you do and don’t like when it comes to wine and about the space you have reserved at home for creating an enviable wine collection.

Haven’t quite figured out your personal wine preferences? For AU$3,000, St Hugo will grant Wine Club Members access to their Fine and Rare Experience, hosted by Chief Winemaker Peter Munro and Cellaring Concierge Tim Redman, which allows you to taste a number of wines, learn about the ageing process, how to cellar your grog and to learn about the important role St Hugo has played in winemaking history.

For anyone with even the slightest interest in wine, it’s an experience not to be passed up.

Head to St Hugo’s website now to secure your first bottle from the Fine and Rare Collection and begin your wine collecting journey.

Sign Up To St Hugo Cellaring Concierge from $70

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