These $228 Men's Rain Jackets Are Perfect For The Warmer Months

Have you ever found yourself in the following dilemma? It’s a rainy day, but there’s still some warmth and a touch of humidity in the air… You don’t want to spend your whole day carrying a bulky umbrella, but you also don’t want to be stuck wearing a huge raincoat that will, sure, keep you dry, but will totally overheat you in the process. If you’ve been in this situation before, (don’t lie, we ALL have) then we have the perfect solution for you.

The Messenger Shell by Relwen is a super lightweight rain jacket that keeps you dry no matter how hard the downpour, but also keeps you cool. Not only this, it can be folded down into its own small pocket, which can be easily stored in your day bag or even your pants pocket. This is thanks to its thin nylon shell material coated with a breathable waterproof laminate, mesh lining and breathable underarm panels and a two-way coil zipper which, when needed, provides extra ventilation. Not to mention, The Messenger Shell is also a relaxed fit that’ll easily go over any – and every – outfit and it comes in two awesome colours; a fun orange and a timeless blue. Plus, when it’s made by a brand like Relwen, you know the quality will be outstanding and the jacket will last you for many rainy days to come.

At only US$228, The Messenger Shell is a bargain just waiting to be snapped up!

Shop Relwen Messenger Shell US$228

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