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This Innovative $35 Face Mask Offers Designer Looks Without The Price Tag

Better protection.

Face masks are the talk of the town right now, and for good reason. They’ve fast become an everyday essential, with some countries quite literally enforcing their use, at least in public spaces and on public transport. While you can, of course, head to your local pharmacy or supermarket and buy yourself a bulk pack of disposable masks, for not a lot more money, you can now get this washable, reusable – and highly innovative – mask from LA-based KILLSPENCER.

So, what makes the KILLSPENCER SST Face Mask so innovative? For starters, it’s built from four layers of fabric – one more than the recommended amount – meaning it’s highly protective. These four layers are made up of two interior layers of Meltblown polypropylene and two exterior layers of Spunbond polypropylene. In English, this means the SST Face Mask will be durable and comfortable.

During wear, you won’t need to worry about any moisture build-up, as air is able to circulate, which also means you’ll be able to breathe without any issue. What’s more, the outer layer is water and liquid repellent, a feature that’s usually reserved for more expensive face masks.

Best of all, it’s washable, so you can chuck it in the machine after each wear, let it dry and put it back on and still receive the same level of protection, plus, we think it looks frickin’ fantastic. It moulds well to your face and screams stylish, so we’d be more than happy to wear it on a daily basis.

The KILLSPENCER SST Face Mask is available in three sizes and costs $35 no matter which size you go for. Considering a multi-pack of disposable masks won’t cost you much less, you’ll be making your money back in no time. You can even add a custom monogram at the order stage if you wish, to make it unique to you.

KILLSPENCER does point out that its SST Face Mask isn’t to be used in place of N95, surgical or procedural masks.

However, for everyday wear, it’s certainly one of the best we’ve seen.

Head to the KILLSPENCER website now to order yours.

Buy The KILLSPENCER SST Face Mask, $35

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