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Koio Capri Canvas Sneakers: These $125 Shoes Could Be The Best Alternative To Luxury Leather

Canvas city shuffle.

The world isn’t short of luxury white leather sneakers. Common Projects has been champion in that arena for many years, but you certainly pay a premium for a pair. So what if we told you that you could get a luxurious canvas pair in a range of colours for just $125?

That’s exactly what’s being offered by Koio, which we admit could be a brand you’ve not heard of before. Koio is an American brand founded by two friends who wanted to bring European style and quality Stateside. 

The idea behind the brand’s inception was to create a sneaker that the founders (self-confessed sneakerheads) would be happy wearing all day and all night. The result is a broad collection of sneakers that encompasses a variety of materials (including a low-top leather model for just under $250) such as canvas. Canvas, of course, is a material championed by the likes of Converse and is notorious for its lightweight construction and breathability. 

They can also be paired with just about anything, from tailored shorts to chinos and, if you get it right, a suit.

This pair of Capri canvas sneakers from Koio are made by hand in the Marche region of Italy – a mecca for all things luxury sneaker – from Italian canvas. They’re fitted with a Margom outsole, known for its durability and lightweight build, so you really are getting a product worth every single cent. 

And right now they’re on sale, meaning you can snap a pair up for just $125. Head to the company’s website now to get yours. 

Buy The Koio Capri Canvas Sneaker $125

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