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This $299 Portable Pizza Oven Will Change Your Home-Cooked Pizzas Forever

What's cooking, good looking?

If there is one thing that pretty much everyone loves, it’s pizza. A good pizza is the perfect lunch, dinner and – as long as it’s been in the fridge overnight – breakfast. The only problem with pizza is that there is a large spectrum of quality. On one end you have frozen pizza, which – no matter how good it is – never hits the spot. On the other end, you have a pizza made by your local Italian restaurant, which, I’m sure you can agree, makes the best pizza. So, how can you get the quality and taste of restaurant pizza at home? Look no further than Ooni’s award-winning portable pizza oven.

I know: you’re probably sceptical about how good a home pizza oven can be (especially considering how bad some are). But Ooni is the creme of the crop. The secret that makes them so good? They can heat up to 500°C in only 15 minutes and once heated up the Ooni will cook your pizza in less than 60 seconds, making it super quick and easy for you to get your hit. Unlike most other pizza ovens, which can be cumbersome and ugly, the Ooni features clean lines and quality materials that in combination make it look like some sort of spaceship.

Depending on how ‘authentic’ you want to be, you can get the Ooni powered by gas or wood. Either way, it’ll get you making some killer pizzas. Ultimately, the Ooni is the perfect investment for those who want to enjoy great pizza at home – and is the perfect way to get your mates round for a feed that’s bound to go down better than anything else you’ve offered up in the past. It also looks great when not in use and makes a compelling argument for the perfect gift this holiday season.

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