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This $129 Rolex Submariner Alternative Looks Just As Good & Is Great Value

Get the look, without breaking the bank.

For many of us, the Rolex Submariner is the holy grail of watches, and for good reason. The submariner is casual enough for a coffee run, smart enough for a suit and rugged enough for a day at the beach.

Its versatility is seemingly boundless and this prompts the idea that it could be your one watch for all occasions. Since its inception in 1953, the Rolex Submariner has been the watch of choice for Sean Connery’s James Bond, Steve McQueen, Jason Statham and Tom Hardy, all of which are style icons in their own right. It was even used by the U.S Navy by clearance and saturation divers.

Whilst being a thing of beauty, the Submariner is capable and rugged, featuring a rotating bezel for timing dives, a 300m water resistance rating, automatic movement, glow in the dark lume for night visibility and steel construction. It’s this perfect combination of usability and rugged beauty that makes this piece iconic and timeless.

So, what’s the problem with this evidently brilliant watch? Even in its ‘cheapest’ guise, it will set you back $9,900…if you can get a hold of one. In reality, you’ll be looking at $12,000 minimum for a flashy new Rolex Submariner.

What is one to do if they want the look and feel of a Submariner, but don’t have or want to splash $9,900? Simple, get this Seiko 5 ‘Sea Urchin’ for $129.

Priced at only $129, the Seiko is terrific value, especially in comparison to the Submariner. It offers similar features, including a robust steel construction, a rotating bezel, glow in the dark lume and an automatic movement. Most importantly from an aesthetic perspective, the Seiko and Submariner both have black bezels and faces, ‘oyster’ style bracelets and similar lume designs. From a far, it really is pretty difficult to tell these two watches apart. 

No matter how you look at the Seiko, it’s quite frankly a brilliant offering, especially for the low price and quality Japanese construction. So for those are are still a few pay checks away from a Submariner, this reliable look alike for a fraction of the price is your answer.

Shop The Seiko 5 ‘Sea Urchin’ $129

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