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Up Baking App: Australian Bank Helps You Save By Rounding Up Spare Change

Australia's most popular banking app.

Saving for the important things in life is easier said than done (especially in this economic climate). You might forget to put money away one month, or something catches your eye when you’re out window shopping that you simply have to buy. If you are someone who needs a little help to save, then the clever new app called Up could be just for you.

Aside from being a completely online bank, Up has a savers feature within its app that makes it super simple to put money away. You can set goals (it’s this easy) for individual purchases whether it be a holiday, a new car or even that Rolex you’ve always wanted. Instead of relying on yourself to move money each payday, you can with Up within the app by month, day, hour and minute. It’s that all-important ‘bucket’ strategy The Barefoot Investor talks about in his best-selling book.

Up offers customers a wealth of other features (check them out), not only when it comes to saving, but simple and easy banking too. If you don’t manage to keep money stashed away, then you’ve got yourself a spending addiction.

“Kicking savings goals: The Up Banking App makes it very easy for me to set saving goals, implement ways to achieve them.”

In case you missed all of that, here are the big reasons to discover more about Up.

  • Set savings effective ‘buckets’ quickly and easily
  • A real-time transaction view made for humans, not bank nerds
  • Advanced cryptography to keep the bad guys out
  • No monthly or annual fees for you to worry about
  • More importantly, reach savings goals faster.. so you can buy that Rolex or vintage Porsche sooner.

This is just a fraction of Up’s smart saving functionality.