Top 5: ‘Like A Boss’ Office Chairs

Office chairs for bosses. If you want to be the boss, you have to act like the boss. Dress the part. Hold your head up high. Firm up your handshake. And deck out your office in the most high-powered furniture your paycheck can afford. Here are 5 office chairs that will have you sitting like a boss:

Office Chair#1 – Herman Miller Aeron Chair
The Aeron chair is like the perfect girlfriend. It looks good (so good, in fact, that it’s part of the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection). It’s extremely adaptable. It’s healthy (for the environment, that is). It conforms to your body. It brings comfort, style, and balance to your life. And, most importantly, all that comes with minimal effort on your part.  (Price: $829.00 BUY)

Office Chair#2 – Lockheed F-104 Starfighter Ejection Seat
If Don Draper and Maverick somehow created a child together, and that child was a piece of furniture, it would be this. The Lockheed F-104 Starfighter Ejection Seat is one of the most badass things I have seen in a lifetime of seeing badass things. Who doesn’t want to feel like a high-powered CEO and a heroic fighter pilot at the same time?  (WWW)

Office Chair#3 – Bene Silver Chair
When you’re the Big Boss, you’re entitled to change your mind. Frequently. The Silver Chair from Bene caters to your every executive whim, letting you adapt your office throne into whatever suits your mood. Silver – made from an aluminium seating shell with different backrest heights – is ergonomically sound with a strong aesthetic direction.  (WWW)

Office Chair#4 – Wilkhahn Graph Office Chair
Wilkhahn is dedicated to making “sitting behind a desk” look cool. At the 2013 Stockholm Furniture Fair, Wilkhahn showed that commitment via timeless, top-notch design, unparalleled quality, and ground-breaking innovation. Their latest effort, the ON Office Chair, won the German Federal Ecodesign Award for its new weight-adjustment feature and additional synchro-adjustment mechanisms.  (WWW)

Office Chair#5 – Audi R18 Ultra Chair
Audi teamed up with design stars Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram to construct the R18 Ultra Chair – a super-lightweight seat modeled after the Audi R18 Ultra race car, winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans race held in France. Unfortunately Audi has given no indication if or when such a chair would be commercially available. Damn them!

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